Walter Randall

Walter Randall (1919–2008) was a British dancer turned actor with numerous roles in British television, including parts in The Saint, Out of This World, Yes Minister, The Professionals and Dixon of Dock Green.[1] His film appearances included roles in The Hand (1960) and Tiffany Jones (1973).[2]

Walter Randall
Actor Walter Randall.jpg
in Doctor Who: The Aztecs (1964)
Walter Frank Fugard


He appeared in the Doctor Who story The Aztecs in 1964, and was interviewed for the DVD release in 2002.[3] Five further appearances on the programme followed, the last of which was Planet of the Spiders in 1974.[1] In their positive review of The Crusade, the Radio Times wrote "Walter Randall's El Akir is the most sinister character in the series to date."[4]

Randall died in 2008.[2]


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