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Wally Wallington

Wally Wallington is a retired construction worker from Lapeer County, Michigan, who has demonstrated methods for a single person to achieve the construction and manipulation of massive monoliths.

Wally Wallington
Residence Flint, Michigan
Nationality American
Occupation Retired construction worker
Known for Construction techniques
Notable work Stonehenge replica



He has constructed a concrete Stonehenge-like structure using only materials and techniques that do not rely on any modern machine-powered technology. He has demonstrated this technique[1] on the Canadian science television program Daily Planet.[2][3]


His technique uses simple machines such as levers aided by counterweights and pivots. He says that he has successfully singlehandedly "walked" a twenty-ton barn and multi-thousand-pound concrete blocks using a beam lever and two pivots beneath the object and near the center of mass. These techniques might be comparable to those used by Edward Leedskalnin when he had single-handedly constructed his massive Coral Castle in Florida.[4]


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