Waleran IV, Duke of Limburg

Waleran IV (or Walram IV) (died 1279) was the duke of Limburg from 1247 to his death. He was the son and successor of Henry IV and Ermengarde, countess of Berg.

Seal of Walram V. (Limburg)

He played a great part in the politics of the Great Interregnum in Germany. He left the Hohenstaufen fold and supported William II of Holland as king. He was sent in an embassy to Henry III of England and after William's death, supported Henry's brother Richard, earl of Cornwall, as king. In 1272, he was party to the nobles who offered the crown to Ottokar II of Bohemia and then Rudolph of Habsburg.

In 1252, he intervened in the War of the Succession of Flanders and Hainault, at the side of Jean d'Avesnes. After 1258, he fell out with John I of Brabant, putting an end to sixty years of good relations with the dukes of Brabant.

Waleran frequently intervened in the business of the archbishop of Cologne in his constant fight with the bourgeoisie of the city.

Despite being married twice (with Kunigunde, daughter of Otto III, Margrave of Brandenburg, and with Judith of Kleve), he had only one daughter, Ermengarde from his second wife.

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