Dietrich V, Count of Cleves

Dietrich V was Count of Cleves from 1201 through 1260. Dietrich was born about 1185 as the son of Dietrich IV, Count of Cleves and Margaret of Holland.[1]

Dietrich V, Count of Cleves
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Noble familyHouse of Cleves
Spouse(s)Mathilda of Dinslaken
Hedwig of Meissen
FatherDietrich IV, Count of Cleves
MotherMargaret of Holland

Possibly Dietrich V succeeded in 1198, under regency of Arnold II.

In 1234, he participated in the Stedinger Crusade.[2]

Marriage and IssueEdit

In c. 1215 he married Mathilda of Dinslaken (d. 1226).[1] Their children were:

  • Dietrich of Cleves (c.1216), married Elizabeth of Brabant[1]
  • Margaretha of Cleves (c.1218), married Otto II of Guelders[1]

Secondly, he married Hedwig of Meissen (d. 1249), daughter of Theodoric I, Margrave of Meissen. Their children were:

  • Dietrich VI of Cleves (c. 1226)
  • Dietrich Luf I of Cleves (c. 1228)
  • Agnes of Cleves (c. 1230)
  • Jutta of Cleves (c. 1232)


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