Waleran I, Lord of Ligny

Waleran I of Luxembourg (died 5 June 1288 in the Battle of Worringen[1]) was Lord of Ligny and La Roche around 1281.

Waleran I, Lord of Ligny
Battle of Worringen
Lord of Ligny and La Roche
PredecessorHenry I
SuccessorHenry II
Died5 June 1288
SpouseJeanne of Beaurevoir
IssueHenry II of Luxembourg, Lord of Ligny
Waleran II of Luxembourg, Lord of Ligny
Philipotte of Luxembourg
Elisabeth of Luxembourg
Marguerite of Luxembourg
Marie of Luxembourg
FatherHenry I of Ligny
MotherMargaret of Bar

He was the second son of Henry V, Count of Luxembourg and Margaret of Bar. While is older brother Henry VI became Count of Luxembourg like their father, Waleran I is the forefather and founder of what became the french branch of the House of Luxembourg, the so-called house of Luxembourg-Ligny.[2][3]

He married Jeanne, Dame de Beaurevoir (died before December 1300), and had:

  • Henry II, died 1303, 1295 Lord of Ligny
  • Waleran II (1275–1354) Lord of Ligny, Roussy and Beauvoir, married Guyotte Châtelaine de Lille († 1338)
  • Philipotte
  • Elisabeth
  • Marguerite, nun
  • Marie (died 1337), married Jean de Ghistelles (killed in 1346 in the Battle of Crécy)

He was killed together with his brother Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg in the Battle of Worringen against John I, Duke of Brabant. His eldest son, Henry II of Ligny, succeeded him.

Waleran of Luxembourg is one of the protagonists in Le Tournoi de Chauvency by trouvère Jacques Bretel.


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Preceded by Count of Ligny
Succeeded by