Wald (surname)

Wald is a German surname meaning "forest". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Abraham Wald (1902–1950), Hungarian mathematician of German descent
  • Carol Wald (1935–2000), American artist
  • Charles F. Wald (born 1948), American military officer
  • Diane Wald, American poet
  • Eduard Wald (1905–1978), German Resistance member, politician, unionist
  • Elijah Wald (born 1959), American folk blues guitarist and music historian
  • Florence Wald (1917–2008), "mother of the American hospice movement"
  • František Wald (1861–1931), German-Czech chemist
  • George Wald (1906–1997), American biologist and Nobel Laureate
  • Jerry Wald (1916–1962), American film producer and screenwriter
  • Karl Wald (1916–2011), German football referee
  • Lillian Wald (1867–1940), American nurse and social worker
  • Michael S. Wald, American lawyer currently the Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law, Emeritus at Stanford Law School.
  • Nicholas Wald (born 1944), British professor, Fellow of the Royal Society
  • Orli Wald (1914–1962), German Resistance member, concentration camp survivor, "Angel of Auschwitz"
  • Patricia Wald (1928–2019), American judge
  • Robert Wald (born 1947), American physicist
  • Warren Wald (born 1980), English Pop Idol contestant