Walang Kapalit

Walang Kapalit (Irreplaceable) is a Philippine television series which was broadcast by ABS-CBN. Starring Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto, it aired from April 23 to August 31, 2007 and replaced Sana Maulit Muli on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. The series was loosely based on Mike De Leon's 1985 film, Hindi Nahahati ang Langit, an adaptation of Nerissa Cabral's earlier komiks version of the same name. It is streaming online on YouTube.[1]

Walang Kapalit
Walang Kapalit-titlecard.jpg
Title card
Created byABS-CBN
Based onHindi Nahahati ang Langit
by Mike De Leon
Written byKeiko Aquino
Directed byWenn V. Deramas
Theme music composerRey Valera
Opening theme"Walang Kapalit" by Piolo Pascual
Country of originPhilippines
Original languageFilipino
No. of episodes95
Executive producerEmerald Suarez
Running time28-36 minutes
Production companyDreamscape Entertainment TV
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseApril 23 (2007-04-23) –
August 31, 2007 (2007-08-31)


Ariston (Edu Manzano) and Agnes (Dina Bonnevie) marry, and their children Noel (Piolo Pascual) and Melanie (Claudine Barretto) become step-siblings after the marriage. Although Melanie hopes that Noel will be a protective older brother, he dislikes her because he thinks that she (and her mother) replaced his mother in his father's heart. They bicker, and their relationship worsens when Ariston favors Melanie over his son. Ceding, the family nanny (Amy Austria), is unusually dedicated to Noel. Noel is driven to continue his studies in Australia; he meets Cynthia (Jodi Santamaria), his best friend Bryan's (DJ Durano) sister, who has bipolar disorder. Cynthia is in love with Noel, but her love is unrequited.

Noel is in a car accident in Australia, and the family rushes to his side. He and Melanie fall in love as she takes care of him, but their parents are opposed to the relationship. Ceding admits to Agnes that he is Noel's mother; Ariston is not his father, but his half-brother. Although Ariston throws her out for breaking her promise to his father, he takes her back and promises to tell Noel the truth someday.

Noel and Melanie nurture their relationship, but Cynthia is determined to win him. When Agnes dies of a heart attack, Cynthia withholds the news from Noel (creating a rift between him and Melanie). Noel visits Agnes' grave, and promises to protect Melanie. Ariston dies in an accident before he can reveal the nature of his and Noel's relationship. Melanie sees the death of their parents as punishment for her relationship with Noel, and breaks up with him; Noel, however, is appointed her legal guardian. Melanie graduates with honours; a misunderstanding during her graduation party results in her impulsive decision to marry Ronald (Bobby Andrews), the son of wealthy and powerful Arnold Santillian (Lloyd Samartino).

Noel and Melanie find themselves in unhappy marriages. Ronald abuses the pregnant Melanie (who miscarries), and Cynthia's insecurities tax Noel's good nature. Noel and Melanie are co-workers, and bond again. They find refuge in their friendship; Ronald and Cynthia have an affair, and their encounter is caught on camera and becomes a sex tape. Ronald uses the tape to blackmail Cynthia, hoping that Noel's life will be worse than his own. Moody (Candy Pangilinan) discovers the video and tells Melanie, who decides to keep it secret. Ronald exposes it, leaving everyone connected to him and Cynthia stunned by the scandal. Noel files for divorce, and Cynthia tries to burn down Ronald's house in revenge. She is admitted to a mental hospital, where she meets her future husband Dr. Victor Hizon (TJ Trinidad). Melanie files for an annulment.

Years later, Noel and Melanie reunite and marry. Soon after Melanie learns she is pregnant, however, Ronald and Cynthia reappear seeking revenge. Arnold's business is bankrupt, and he blames Ronald. Melanie gives Arnold and Elaine (Susan Africa) money from her mother's estate.

Arnold accuses Melanie of murdering Ronald, and Noel believes that he broke his promise to Agnes to protect Melanie. Cynthia, who has avenged Ronald for destroying her marriage to Noel, kidnaps Noel and Melanie's newborn child and names him Ernest.

Four years later, Rodney comes forward as a witness of Ronald's murder by Cynthia. She is arrested, and Melanie is released. Bryan (Cynthia's brother) tells Noel that Cynthia has his son. He recognizes Cynthia as his mother, and refuses to warm up to his biological parents. Melanie becomes a maid to be close to Ernest, and Victor commits suicide.

Noel discovers that Ceding is his mother; angry at first, he accepts her. Cynthia, however, is unwilling to tell Ernest. They are having a heart-to-heart talk on the prison roof when Melanie arrives, followed by Bryan and Noel. After taking (and releasing) Ernest hostage, she commits suicide. Noel and Melanie finally live peacefully with Ernest, Ceding and Moody.


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