Pangarap na Bituin

Pangarap na Bituin (lit. 'Dream Star'/English: The Star We Dreamt) is a 2007 Philippine drama television series starring Sarah Geronimo, Rica Peralejo and Maja Salvador. The series aired on ABS-CBN from September 3, 2007 to December 7, 2007, replacing Walang Kapalit.[2]

Pangarap na Bituin
Pangarap na Bituin-titlecard.jpg
Based onSana'y Wala Nang Wakas (1986)
by Leroy Salvador
Developed byRondel Lindayag
Written by
  • Regina Amigo
  • Philip Louie King
Directed by
  • Erick C. Salud
  • Trina N. Dayrit
Theme music composerWilly Cruz[1]
Ending theme"Pangarap na Bituin" by Sarah Geronimo
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)Filipino
No. of episodes70
Executive producer(s)Emilio Paul E. Siojo
Production location(s)Albay, Philippines
Running time23–31 minutes
Production company(s)Dreamscape Entertainment TV
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseSeptember 3 (2007-09-03) –
December 7, 2007 (2007-12-07)

The series is streaming online on YouTube.[3]


The Jewel Sisters are a singing pop trio who will walk the royal yet sometimes rocky road to fame. After the tragedy that left their biological parents seemingly dead, Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby are accidentally separated from one another. But one dream will make their paths cross, and together, they will make music that fans all over the country will deeply adore.

At first, they will all think that their love for one another as sisters will see them through the challenging life as celebrities. But little did they know that there is more to dream than the wealth and glory. Sapphire is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead and be with Terrence Rodriguez. Emerald falls in love with Terrence, but the manipulative manager Alberta will stand against their love. Emerald and Terrence secretly becomes an item without anyone knowing except for Cocoy, Emerald's adoptive father. Ruby will battle with her own insecurities to gain the self-esteem she needs.

Later Bridgette Ramirez revealed the real Sapphire Gomez and the real Mother of the Jewel Sisters. Bridgette also finds out that her father died because of Lena, the impostor mother of the three. After these incidents, the Jewel Sisters, together with their mother Jade Gomez, planned to have a concert. This concert is their happiest moment together as a family and Ruby and Jeffrey becomes a couple, while Alberta Tuazon apologized to her husband.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

Actor Character Character Description
Sarah Geronimo[4] Emerald Gomez A sweet yet tough 19-year-old who aspires to become a singer. After being orphaned when she was a child, Emerald was taken into the care of Cocoy Mendoza. Eventually, Emerald reunited with her two sisters: Ruby & Sapphire, and they will be known as the pop star trio, The Jewel Sisters. And she also fell in love with her best friend, Terrence.
Jericho Rosales[4] Terrence Rodriguez The handsome and talented rockstar. He was a comic yet serious childhood friend of Emerald, until he was taken by his aunt Alberta. Terrence later met Emerald and he helped her become a famous singer, and eventually fell in love with her.
Rica Peralejo[4] Bridgette Ramirez Sapphire's impostor, she's hired by Alberta Tuazon to be pitted against Emerald and Ruby in return of her father's medical assistance. She will soon develop a secret love for Terrence, and slowly tries to pull him towards her and away from Emerald.
Maja Salvador[4] Ruby Gomez Youngest among the Jewel Sisters. She was adopted by Berns Bautista who named her as Kimberly Bautista. Her dream of becoming a singer will lead her to Emerald and Sapphire. Ruby is obedient in nature, but her insecurities regarding her voice will be her greatest obstacle in life.
Jay-R Siaboc[4] Jeffrey Tuazon Son of Alberta and Benedict Tuazon and cousin/half-brother of Terrence. Jeffrey also dreams of becoming a singer and he also became Ruby's boyfriend.
Alex Gonzaga Chorva Ayala Gomez The bubbly and supportive best friend of Emerald. Later adopted by the Gomez family in the penultimate episode.
Cherry Pie Picache[4] Alberta Tuazon The manipulative and domineering aunt and manager of Terrence. She will secretly find a way to destroy Emerald's career to keep the young singer away from Terrence. It was later revealed that she's the real mother of Terrence.
Joel Torre[4] Cocoy Mendoza An NGO worker who adopted Emerald. Being an erstwhile singer himself, Cocoy will train and encourage Emerald in becoming a successful singer. A loving and devoted father, Cocoy will see Emerald through her journey to fame.
Rio Locsin Lena Ramirez The woman hired by Alberta to pose as the mother of the Jewel Sisters. She will become the manager of the three, although the job will prove to be beyond her abilities. Lena is Jade Gomez's impostor. She is mental her best friend says.
Pooh Garcia Berns Bautista Ruby's adoptive father who renamed her Kimberly. As a showbiz reporter, Berns always brings Kimberly to showbiz gatherings hoping the child will be discovered and become a singer.
John Arcilla Atty. Benedict Tuazon A respectable lawyer and husband of Alberta but he is unaware of his wife's dark secrets.

Extended castEdit

Actor Character Character Description
Ian Galliguez Manang Nanny of Jeffrey Tuazon
Heart Evangelista Cassandra "Cassie" Salcedo Terrence's on and off again fiancé. Before she died, she sincerely accepted that Terrence and Emerald are meant to be together.
Christopher De Leon Carlo Gomez The biological father of Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire.
Sandy Andolong Jade Gomez The biological mother of Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire who turns out to be alive after years of disappearance in the Philippines. Her character was reintroduced living in Canada.
Nikki Gil Sapphire Gomez The eldest of the Jewel Sisters, the true sister of Emerald and Ruby. When her parents died, Sapphire was separated from her sisters. She will eventually discover her true identity and reunited with her two younger sisters; Emerald & Ruby. Her character was discovered in a mental institution where her impostor performed. Sapphire was later reunited with her family.
William Lorenzo Jimbo Terrence's biological father.
Bembol Roco Alex Rodriguez Terrence's adoptive father; Alberta's brother.
Boots Anson-Roa Perla Ledesma Mother of Jade Gomez; grandmother of The Jewel Sisters.
Nikki Bacolod Abby Tugatog One of Alberta's talents.
Timmy Boy Sta. Maria Buboy Valenzuela Terrence's handler; Alberta's staff member.
Jaime Fabregas Louie Salcedo Cassie's father and the producer of Emerald's first single.
Arlene Muhlach Karen Magno Friend of Berns who posed as his partner during the adoption of Ruby.
Maribeth Bichara Andrea Tuazon Alberta's sister in law.
Nanette Inventor Mother Rose The mother superior of the orphanage where Terrence, Ruby and Emerald stayed.
Phoebe Kay Arbotante Young Ruby Young Ruby was played and roled by Phebe Khae also known as Phoebe Kay Arbotante. She was the youngest daughter of Carlo and Jade Gomez and the youngest among the three (3). She stayed under the big truck during the Mayon Volcano erupted and she was adopted by Berns when Cocoy gave Emerald, Terrence and Ruby herself to "bahay ampunan".
Angel Sy Young Emerald
Ronald Jaimeer Young Terrence
Edison Tan ....
Kathryn Bernardo Young Chorva
Nikki Bagaporo Young Sapphire


The drama was loosely based on 1986 film Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas and was going to feature Rachelle Ann Go and Yeng Constantino with Sarah Geronimo as Sharon Cuneta's character however changes were made to fit the storyline with Maja Salvador and Rica Peralejo replacing Go and Constantino.


The pilot episode garnered a total rating of 27% according to AGB Nielsen in Mega Manila. Its lowest was 20.6% while the highest was its final episode which garnered 29.6% Its finale reached 40.3% in the Nationwide ratings (NUTAM).


Philippine releaseEdit

Pangarap na Bituin OST
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
ReleasedNovember 2007 (November 2007)
LabelViva Records, Star Records
1."Pangarap na Bituin"Willy CruzSarah Geronimo 
2."Magsimula Ka" Jericho Rosales 
3."Tara Tena" Sarah Geronimo and Maja Salvador 
4."Same Ground" Sarah Geronimo 
5."Naaalala Ka"Rey ValeraJericho Rosales and Sarah Geronimo 
6."Manila" Maja Salvador 
7."If You Could Read My Mind" Rica Peralejo 
8."Sundan ang Bituin" Sarah Geronimo 
9."Kaibigan" Nikki Bagaporo 
10."Pangarap na Bituin"Willy CruzThe Jewels 

International releaseEdit

1."Pangarap na Bituin"Willy CruzSarah Geronimo 
2."Di Ka Mawawala sa Puso Ko" Sarah Geronimo and Jericho Rosales 
3."Kung Ako na Lang Sana" Sarah Geronimo 
4."Manila" Maja Salvador 
5."Sundan Mo ang Iyong Bituin" Sarah Geronimo 
6."Tanging Ikaw" Jericho Rosales 
7."Same Ground" Sarah Geronimo 
8."Pangarap na Mahal" Jay-R Siaboc and Maja Salvador 
9."Ako'y Sa'yo, Ika'y Akin Lamang" Sarah Geronimo 
10."If You Could Read my Mind" Rica Peralejo 
11."Pangarap na Bituin"Willy CruzThe Jewels 

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