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Wake Up Jeff! is the sixth album by Australian band The Wiggles, released in 1996 by ABC Music distributed by EMI. It won the ARIA Award for Best Children's Album in 1996.[2]

Wake Up Jeff!
Wake Up Jeff.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 4, 1996
GenreChildren's music
LabelABC Music
ProducerThe Wiggles[1]
The Wiggles chronology
Big Red Car
Wake Up Jeff!
Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas


Track listEdit

All tracks written by (or trad arr. by) M Cook/J Fatt/A Field/G Page, except listed below.

1."We Like to Say Hello" 1:58
2."Henry's Underwater Big Band"J Field2:31
3."Statue" (spoken) 0:09
4."Everybody is Clever" 1:59
5."Swim, Swim, Swim" (spoken) 0:08
6."Having Fun at the Beach" 1:46
7."Food Wish" (spoken) 0:16
8."Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song)"J Field/M Cook/J Fatt/A Field/G Page1:21
9."Bucket of Dew/Paddy Condon from Cobar[a]" 1:43
10."Guess What?" 1:43
11."Wake Up Jeff!" 1:26
12."A Frog Went A Walking" 1:29
13."Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance?" 1:52
14."Take a Trip Out on the Sea" 1:09
15."Romp Bomp a Stomp" 1:27
16."Whales" (spoken) 0:08
17."Baby Beluga"Raffi/D Pike2:23
18."Chu-Lu-Lu" 0:51
19."Name Game" 1:05
20."I Can Do So Many Things" 1:35
21."Wave to Wags"J Field/M Cook/J Fatt/A Field/G Page1:42
22."House on the Hillside" 1:15
23."Havenu Shalom Aleichem" 1:12
24."Quacking Sounds" (spoken) 0:10
25."Five Little Ducks" 2:00
26."Windmills" 1:01
27."Pipers Waltz" 1:27


Source: Wake Up Jeff album booklet, 1996[1]

The Wiggles[citation needed]

  • Greg Page - lead vocals
  • Murray Cook - guitar, bass, backing vocals
  • Anthony Field - guitar, tin whistle, backing vocals
  • Jeff Fatt - accordion, piano, organ, snoring, backing vocals

Additional musicians

  • Paul Paddick - backing vocals
  • Greg Truman - backing vocals
  • Emma Buter - vocals
  • Terry Murray - guitar
  • Dominic Lindsay - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
  • Angela Lindsay - viola
  • Margaret Lindsay - cello
  • Maria Schattovits - violin
  • Tony Henry - drums
  • Paul Rodgers - congas


Engineered by: Chris Brooks and Aaron Ruig


Wake Up Jeff!
Directed byDean Covell
Produced byDean Covell
Written byThe Wiggles
StarringGreg Page
Anthony Field
Murray Cook
Jeff Fatt
Music byThe Wiggles
Distributed byRoadshow Entertainment / ABC Video (#100096)
Release date
August 1996[3]
Running time
37 minutes

The companion video was released on August 1996 as the group's fourth video.[3]


Song listEdit

  1. We Like to Say Hello
  2. Henry's Underwater Big Band
  3. Everybody is Clever (Australian version) / The Chase (US version)
  4. Having Fun at the Beach
  5. Bing Bang Bong, That's a Pirate Song
  6. Bucket of Dew/Paddy Condon from Cobar
  7. Wake Up Jeff!
  8. Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance?
  9. Take a Trip Out on the Sea
  10. Romp Bomp a Stomp
  11. I Can Do So Many Things
  12. Wave to Wags
  13. Pipers Waltz
  14. Can You Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist? - concert
  15. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur) - concert


Opening - An alarm clock rings and Jeff wakes up.

The Wiggles introduce themselves to the audience.

  • Song: "We Like To Say Hello"

Greg is standing with Henry the Octopus and tells Greg that he has a surprise for everyone. Henry says that he bought his underwater big band with him.

  • Song: "Henry's Underwater Big Band"

Greg tells everyone to stand still like a statue. The other Wiggles pose and then dance around behind Greg's back.

  • Song: "Everybody Is Clever" (Australian Version) / "The Chase" (North America Version)

Anthony and Murray watch kids draw scenes of the beach using pens and markers.

  • Song: "Having Fun At The Beach"

The Wiggles introduce Captain Feathersword, but he answers with "Bing Bang Bong" and other nonsense phrases. They ask him what's up with that? He answers, that's a pirate song. Let's dance a pirate song together!

  • Song: "Bing Bang Bong (That's A Pirate Song)"

Anthony and Murray introduce Dominic, who is with his daughter Ashleigh. He is a trumpet player. Anthony and Murray ask him questions about playing the trumpet and Dominic plays a little bit. Everyone's wearing a green hat, so it is time for some Irish Dancing.

  • Song: "Bucket Of Dew / Paddy Condon From Cobar"

The clock goes pass ticking and everybody yells WAKE UP JEFF! to wake Jeff up. And Jeff wakes up to the camera.

  • Song: "Wake Up Jeff!"

Jeff asks Dorothy to dance, and Dorothy does a few dance steps.

  • Song: "Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?)"

The Wiggles and kids are in a camp site singing about going for a boat out in sea.

  • Song: "Take A Trip Out On The Sea"

This is Dorothy's favorite dance.

  • Song: "Romp Bomp A Stomp"

Greg and kids are doing this dance and Greg does tells them things that he can do in this song.

  • Song: "I Can Do So Many Things"

Anthony can hear someone barking. He asked who's that barking and Greg yelled out IT'S WAGS THE DOG!

  • Song: "Wave To Wags"
  • Greg's Magic Show – The Magic Box

Greg, Anthony, and Murray are standing with an empty glass box. They can hear some one snoring and they are saying its coming from inside the box, but no one is inside the box or could they. Greg has Anthony and Murray cover the box with a drape, they spin it around, and chants some magic words when they count to three. 1, 2, 3, "Wiggle Waggle". They lift the drape and Jeff is there, but he's asleep. They ask everyone to wake him up. 1, 2, 3, WAKE UP JEFF! and then Jeff wakes up, wondering what he's doing in a box.

Murray tells Jeff to not fall asleep again and said we neeeeeeed YOU! for the next song.

  • Song: "Pipers Waltz"

It's time to say goodbye. Jeff has fallen asleep again in his bed, so the Wiggles have one more dance. The credits roll with "Christmas Picnic" for background music. And then, yells the final "WAKE UP JEFF!" after they clap they're hands three times.

The Wiggles are backstage. They have warmed up their singing voices by practicing "Rock-a-Bye Your Bear". They also have tucked their shirts and brushed their hair. Over by the side is Wags and Henry, Wags is polishing Henry's shoes. And at the last part, Greg knew that somebody was missing. Where's Jeff? Murray saw Jeff fallen asleep on a chair and told The Wiggles that he's asleep. They call the viewer to Wake up Jeff. 1, 2, 3, WAKE UP JEFF! Jeff arises and they're ready to go on stage for the concert and so they all ran out to the stage.

  • Song: "Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist? (Live)
  • Song: "D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur) (Live)


The cast as listed on the video closing credits.

The Wiggles
Also featuring
  • Megan Bullivant & Emma Buter as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Leeanne Ashley as Henry the Octopus
  • Paul Paddick, Georgia Troy Barnes & Donna Halloran as Wags the Dog
  • Paul Paddick as Captain Feathersword
  • Dominic Lindsay as Trumpet Player

Cassandra Halloran, Jessica Halloran, Emma Ryan, Sian Ryan, Daisy Cousens, Rose Cousens, Kristen Shaw, Sarah Cornale, Sarah Sneddon, Melanie Scott, Nichole Butler, Michael Butler, Alyssa Bryce, Tamahra Macey, Sammy Lee, Leonardo Silvestrini


Anthony began wearing a blue shirt instead of a green shirt. Dorothy and Henry's costumes were updated but Dorothy's old costume is seen on "D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur)" while Henry's old one is seen on the cover. Anthony, Murray, and Greg wear short-sleeved shirts in the concert.

Paul Paddick, who joined the cast as a regular in 1996, makes his video debut as Captain Feathersword.[4]

Tony Henry, who is a bandmate of Anthony and Jeff from The Cockroaches and the studio drummer for the Wake Up Jeff album,[5] appears with his family in "We Like to Say Hello" and "Wave to Wags". John Field[better source needed] from The Cockroaches also appears in an outdoor shots for "Wave to Wags".[6]


The video was released on VHS in August 1996.[3]

In late 1999, When the video was released in North America, "Everybody is Clever" was replaced by one of "The Chase" scenes typical of the closing credits of TV Series 1. However, the preceding skit where they act like statues was retained.

It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!Edit

It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!
Studio album by
StudioTune Master Productions
GenreChildren's music
LabelABC (AUS)
The Wiggles chronology
Here Comes the Big Red Car
It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!
Splish Splash Big Red Boat

It's Time to Wake Up Jeff! is the 26th album release from an Australian children's music group, The Wiggles. It contains songs that were originally released on Wake Up Jeff!. In North America, the album and companion video were called Wiggle Around the Clock.

Track listEdit

  1. We Like To Say Hello – 1:54
  2. Henry’s Underwater Big Band – 2:27
  3. Intro – 0:07
  4. Having Fun At The Beach – 1:42
  5. Intro – 0:15
  6. Bing Bang Bong (That’s A Pirate Song) – 1:17
  7. Bucket Of Dew/ Paddy Condon From Cobar – 1:40
  8. Guess What – 1:41
  9. Wake Up Jeff – 1:22
  10. A Frog Went A Walking – 1:25
  11. Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance With Me?) – 1:49
  12. Take A Trip Out On The Sea – 1:05
  13. Romp Bomp A Stomp – 1:24
  14. We’re Playing A Trick On the Captain – 0:50
  15. Have A Happy Birthday Captain – 1:51
  16. I Can Do So Many Things – 1:31
  17. Wave To Wags – 1:38
  18. Havenu Shalom Alachem – 1:08
  19. House On The Hillside – 1:56
  20. Intro – 0:08
  21. Five Little Ducks – 1:12
  22. Windmills – 0:58
  23. Name Game – 1:01
  24. Pipers Waltz – 1:26
  25. Bonus Track – Go To Sleep Jeff (Brahm's Lullaby) – 4:33

2006 videoEdit

It's Time to Wake Up Jeff (Wiggle Around the Clock)
StarringGreg Page
Anthony Field
Murray Cook
Jeff Fatt
Music byThe Wiggles
Distributed byRoadshow Entertainment/ABC DVD
Release date
June 8, 2006
Running time
48 minutes

The companion video was released in 2006 as a DVD.

Song ListEdit

  1. We Like To Say Hello
  2. Henry's Underwater Big Band (animated)
  3. Having Fun At The Beach
  4. Bing Bang Bong (That's A Pirate Song)
  5. Wake Up Jeff!
  6. Bucket of Dew/Paddy Condon From Cobar
  7. Romp Bomp A Stomp
  8. A Frog Went a Walking (animated)
  9. Take A Trip Out On The Sea
  10. Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?)
  11. We're Playing a Trick on the Captain
  12. Have a Happy Birthday Captain
  13. I Can Do So Many Things
  14. Guess What? (animated)
  15. Wave To Wags
  16. Havenu Shalom Alechem
  17. Walking On The Moon
  18. Piper's Waltz (Instrumental)


  1. ^ "Bucket of Dew / Paddy Condon from Cobar" is based on the traditional Irish folk song "The Rare Old Mountain Dew". The subtitle "Paddy Condon from Cobar" is a reference to Anthony's great-grandfather Paddy Condon who owned a pub in the mining town of Cobar in western New South Wales. - Field, Anthony; Truman, Greg (2012). How I Got My Wiggle Back: A Memoir of Healing. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. p. 220. ISBN 978-1-118-01933-7.


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