WBC Vardar (Macedonian: КК Вардар)is a women's basketball club based in Skopje, Macedonia. They play in the Macedonian League.

WBC Vardar
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LeaguesFirst League
ArenaSRC Kale
LocationSkopje, Macedonia
Team colorsRed and Black


WBC Vardar (Macedonian: КК Вардар) is a basketball club based in Skopje. On 20 July 1947, MSD Makedonija and ŽSD Pobeda merged into the newly established Vardar Sports Association, forming a new club named KK Vardar.[1]


The SRC Kale, home of KK Vardar

WBC Vardar plays its home matches at SRC Kale, a multi-purpose indoor sports arena in Skopje. Kale means "Fortress Citadel", named after the Skopje Fortress, located right next to the arena.[2] The hall was built in 1970 and its total seating capacity is 2,500.[2][3]

The hall is mainly used for handball, although it is suitable for events in others sports and music concerts.


  • Champions (27)  
  • Cup (1)  


Mellisa Rondinelli  -(age 31) height 184cm
Emilija Lazarova -(age 26) height 164cm
Ivona Pejkovska- ( age 26) Height 175cm
Simona Delovska- (age 29) Height 168cm
Slavica Dimovska-( age 36) height 175cm
Edina Musa- (age 30) height 179cm
Dragana Petkovska-(age 24) height 188cm
Martina Djangarovska-(age 16) height 170cm
Apolonia Thomas   (age 29) height 180cm
Anya Nacevska -(age 15) height 172cm
Emilia Stanoyoska -(age 16) height 168cm
Boyana Nikolik- (age 15) height 165cm
Daria Manevska -(age 16) height 173cm

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