Vyborg Synagogue

Vyborg Synagogue was the synagogue of the Jewish community in Vyborg. It was completed in 1910 as the town was a part of Grand Duchy of Finland. Vyborg Synagogue was one of the three synagogues ever built in Finland.

Vyborg Synagogue
Vyborg Synagogue.JPG
Drawing by Gerhard Sohlberg, 1905
Year consecrated1910
Statusair bombed in 1939
LocationFinland Vyborg, Finland
Geographic coordinates60°42′29″N 28°45′51″E / 60.70801°N 28.764117°E / 60.70801; 28.764117Coordinates: 60°42′29″N 28°45′51″E / 60.70801°N 28.764117°E / 60.70801; 28.764117
Architect(s)Gerhard Sohlberg, Viktor Riihelä

Original design was made by Finnish architect Gerhard Sohlberg in 1905 and the synagogue was built in 1909–1910 after some modifications by construction engineer Viktor Riihelä.[1] It was completely destroyed by Soviet air bombings on the first day of Winter War, 30 November 1939.[2]

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