Vyšehrad Cemetery

Established in 1869 on the grounds of Vyšehrad Castle in Prague, Czech Republic, the Vyšehrad Cemetery (Czech: Vyšehradský hřbitov) is the final resting place of many composers, artists, sculptors, writers, and those from the world of science and politics. The centerpiece of the cemetery is the Slavín tomb designed by Antonín Wiehl, a large and notable tomb located within Vyšehrad cemetery.

Vyšehrad cemetery
Czech-2013-Prague-Vyšehrad cemetery arcade.jpg
Vyšehrad cemetery Arcade, Prague.
CountryCzech Republic
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Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, Eastern (rear) view, with a section of the cemetery, Prague.

Notable intermentsEdit

Some of the famous Czechs interred here:


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