Volga State University of Technology

Coordinates: 56°37′49.90″N 47°53′34.75″E / 56.6305278°N 47.8929861°E / 56.6305278; 47.8929861

Volga State University of Technology (formerly Mari State Technical University) (Russian: Пово́лжский госуда́рственный технологи́ческий университе́т, Povolzhskiy gosudárstvennyy tehnologicheskiy universitét), previously known as MarSTU (Russian: МарГТУ, MarGTU), is the first technical, and one of the first institutions of higher education in the republic of Mari El.

Volga State University of Technology
Поволжский государственный технологический университет
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MottoТрадиции, качество, перспектива (Russian)
Motto in English
Traditions, quality, perspective
RectorViktor Shebashev


  • 1932–68 – Povolzhskiy Forestry Engineering Institute
  • 1968–82 – Mari Polytechnic Institute named after M. Gorky
  • 1982–95 – Mari Awarded with the Order of People's Friendship Polytechnic Institute named after M. Gorky
  • 1995–2012 – Mari State Technical University[1]
  • 2012–present – Volga State University of Technology[2]


  • Woodworking Technology Department
    • Standardization and Certification
    • Forest Engineering
    • Woodworking Technology
  • Machine-Building Department
    • Agricultural Mechanization
    • Industrial Heat-and-Power Engineering
    • Forest Industry Machinery
    • Materials Science and Technology of Emerging Materials
    • Machine-Building Technology
    • Maintenance of Transportation and Production Equipment (in Wood-Chemical Industry)
    • Transportation Security and Management
  • Radio Engineering Department
    • Medical-Biological Engineering
    • Design and Technology of Computing Systems
    • Radio Engineering
    • Radio Communication and Broadcasting
    • Management and Information Science in Engineering Systems
    • Quality Management
  • Civil Engineering Department
    • Civil Engineering
    • Building Design
    • Real Estate Expertise and Management
    • Highways and Aerodromes
  • Information Science and Computer Engineering Department
    • Information Security
    • Computer Engineering
    • Programming
  • Forestry and Ecology Department
    • Nature Management
    • Forestry
    • Landscape Architecture
  • Nature Protection, Management and Water Conservation Department
    • Environmental Safety in Technosphere
    • Water Multiple Use and Conservation
  • Social Studies Department Department
    • Tourism and Service
    • Social Policy
  • Administration and Management Department
    • Marketing
    • Business Administration in Agricultural and Industrial Sectors
    • Public Administration
    • Company Management
  • Economics Department
    • Finances
    • Taxation
    • Accountancy Studies and Audit
    • Mathematical Methods in Economics
    • Economics and Management (in Wood-Chemical Sector)
    • Application Informatics (in Economics)


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