Vocabulario de la lengua tagala

Vocabulario de la lengua tagala (transl.Vocabulary of the Tagalog language) was the first dictionary[clarification needed] of the Tagalog language in the Philippines.

It was written by the Franciscan friar Pedro de Buenaventura and published in Pila, Laguna in 1613.[1] He most probably used the Vocabulario tagalo left by fray Juan de Plasencia as a source.[citation needed]

The dictionary became a significant source of inspiration to the Czech-born missionary Pablo Clain in the beginning of the 18th century.[2]

Further editions of the work were prepared by P. Juan de Noceda and P. Pedro de Sanlucar; their second edition was published in Manila in 1754 and then repeatedly[3] reedited with the latest edition being the 2013 edition.[4]


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