Virgin Forest

Virgin Forest is a 1985 Filipino period film[3] directed by Peque Gallaga. A self-described B-movie, it stars Sarsi Emmanuel, who plays a barrio lass of Chinese ancestry; Miguel Rodriguez, as a Filipino-Spanish illustrado; and, Abel Jurado, who plays the lover of Sarsi's character.

Virgin Forest
Directed byPeque Gallaga[1]
Screenplay byRosauro Q. de la Cruz
Story byT.E. Pagaspas
Produced byLily Yu Monteverde
CinematographyConrado Baltazar
Edited byJess Navarro
Music byJaime Fabregas[2]
Release date
  • January 22, 1985 (1985-01-22)


The film is set in the 1900s during the First Philippine Republic.[4] Macabebe soldiers are trying to capture Emilio Aguinaldo.[1] Alfonisto (Miguel Rodriguez) and Chayong (Sarsi Emmanuel) are caught up in this pursuit and in a love triangle. In the end, Aguinaldo is captured and the Macabebe soldiers are killed.



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