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Vinitharius (Vinithar) was possibly a king of the Greuthungian Goths[1] around 375-376 AD. Vinitharius is mentioned by Gothic historian Jordanes[1] in Getica. According to him Vinitharius became the new king of the Greuthungi after the death of Ermanaric (Hermanaric).[1] Ammianus Marcellinus reports that Ermanaric was succeeded by Vithimiris.

At that time those Goths fell under suzerainty of Huns.[1]

Vinitharius is said to have fought the Antes who were led by their leader Boz.[1] He defeated the Antes and crucified Boz, his eight sons and seventy noblemen. A year later Vinitharius is said to have been defeated on the river Erak by united forces of Huns and other Goths[1] led by the Hun leader Balamber, who took the daughter of Vinitharius as his wife. The portrayal of Jordanes is problematic, in particular with regards to the Antes, who are only mentioned by other authors in the 6th century. It is possible that Vinitharius and Vithimiris refers to the same person.


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