Vilyuy Plateau

The Vilyuy Plateau (Russian: Вилюйское плато) is a mountain plateau in Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Siberia, Russia. It is a part of the Central Siberian Plateau and it is made up mainly of the upper course section of the Vilyuy River.

Vilyuy Plateau
Вилюйское плато
Vilyuy River..jpg
View of the Vilyuy Reservoir
Highest point
Elevation962 m (3,156 ft)
Length400 km (250 mi)
Width200 km (120 mi)
Vilyuy Plateau is located in Sakha Republic
Vilyuy Plateau
Location in Yakutia, Russia
Federal subjectKrasnoyarsk Krai and Sakha Republic
Range coordinates66°30′N 109°45′E / 66.500°N 109.750°E / 66.500; 109.750Coordinates: 66°30′N 109°45′E / 66.500°N 109.750°E / 66.500; 109.750
Parent rangeCentral Siberian Plateau
Borders onIrkutsk Oblast
Age of rockLower Paleozoic and Precambrian
Type of rockTrap rock, dolomite and Limestone

Permafrost thickness up to 1,500 metres (4,900 ft), the largest in the world, was discovered under the Vilyuy Plateau.[1][2]


The Vilyuy Plateau is located both north and south of the Arctic Circle in northeastern Krasnoyarsk Krai and western Sakha Republic. To the southwest it borders Irkutsk Oblast.[3] To the north rises the Anabar Plateau, to the west the Syverma Plateau and to the northwest the Putorana Mountains. To the east the plateau descends gradually towards the broad Lena River valley and to the southeast it runs into the Central Yakutian Lowland, which leads to the Lena Plateau on the southern side. The average height of the Vilyuy Plateau surface is around 700 meters (2,300 ft) and the highest point is a 962 metres (3,156 ft) high unnamed summit.[4]

The major rivers having their source in the plateau are the Vilyuy, Markha, Olenyok and Ygyatta. River Ulakhan-Botuobuya flows across it.[3] There are also numerous lakes, including the man-made Vilyuy Reservoir.

Flora and climateEdit

There is larch taiga on the mountain slopes, with thickets of prostrate alder and mountain tundra on the higher elevations. There are meadows in the river valleys.[4]

The climate prevailing in the Vilyuy Plateau is subarctic continental. The winters are some of the most severe in the Northern Hemisphere.[4]


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