Viktor Wynd

Viktor Wynd is an artist, author, lecturer, impresario and committee member of The London Institute of 'Pataphysics.[1]


As an artist, Wynd created The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History in London's East End, a strange reinterpretation of a Renaissance wunderkabinet, stuffed with two headed lambs, Fiji mermaids, unicorns, taxidermy, dodo bones, erotica, old master etchings, surrealist, occult & outsider artworks[2] and celebrity faeces.[3] The museum has featured in a BBC4 documentary on Cabinets of Curiosity[4] and is ranked 28 out 1237 speciality museums in London on trip advisor[5]

In 2005 he had an exhibition entitled 'Structures of The Sublime; Towards a Greater Understanding of Chaos' at Ingalls & Associates in Miami featuring drawings and video[6]

In 2007 he had another exhibition in Miami, called, in reference to Goethe, 'The Sorrows of Young Wynd' based around a waxwork figure of himself hanging by a noose from the middle of the gallery surrounded by a cloud of tropical butterflies and many other images of him committing suicide[7]

As an impresario he founded The Last Tuesday Society with David Piper in 2003.[citation needed] He went on to put on Halloween parties in London for many thousands of guests[8] often with literary themes[9] and other over the top parties such as his masked balls[10] The Animal Party at The Old Vic tunnels where people were told to 'Dress Like a Beast Dance Like a Beast[11] and a festival Wyndstock held at Houghton Hall in Norfolk[12] He also runs what may be londons longest running literary salon with over 500 events in the last ten years[13]

Other workEdit

Wynd is the author of two books, Structures of The Sublime; Towards a Greater Understanding of Chaos, a fragmentary, modernist anti-novel published in 2005 in Miami and Viktor Wynd's Cabinet of Wonders published by Prestel/Random House in 2014[14] described by the filmmaker John Waters as being 'An insanely delightful how-to guide on becoming a mentally ill, cheerily obsessive eccentric hoarder told with lunatic humor and absolute joy. Viktor Wynd is a sick orchid who seems like the perfect man to me'.

He wrote an essay about his friend Sebastian Horsley for Yale University Press's book Artist / Rebel Dandy[15]

He has made several TV appearances on documentaries and programs, and National Geographic included him in their "Taboo" documentary series.[16]

As a lecturer he talks about cabinets of curiosities, his book and his museum at The Lost Lectures,[17] the British Library[18] Manchester University[19] 5x15[20] and the Barbican.[21]

He previously ran a curiosity shop Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors, dealing in taxidermy, shrunken heads and other oddities[22] including the erect mummified penis of a hanged man[23] in 2010 it was reported that Jonathan Ross's wife Jane Goldman had bought the skeleton of a two headed baby from the shop.[24]

and curated some 50 exhibitions at his gallery Viktor Wynd Fine Art including exhibitions on Mervyn Peake[25] Tessa Farmer[26] Leonora Carrington[27] & Stephen Tennant[28]


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