Vijay Awards

The Vijay Awards are presented by the Tamil television channel STAR Vijay to honour excellence in Tamil cinema. It has been given annually since 2006, with the latest—the 10th edition—of the award-giving ceremony having been held in May 2018.[1] The awards are decided by a jury, consisting of noted film-makers, critics and technicians, while winners in a separate category named "Favourite awards" are chosen by public voting.[2] The awards have been sponsored by Reliance Mobile, Univercell and Close Up. Owing to controversies about indulging personal wishes and a decrease in public interest, it was cancelled for two years.

Vijay Awards
Awarded forExcellence in cinematic achievements in Tamil cinema
Presented bySTAR Vijay
First awarded2007


The first edition of the awards was held to select the most popular artists, however not for any particular work or year. In the first year of the awards, viewers were asked to choose their all time favourite film and artists in nine categories - Favourite Hero, Heroine, Film, Director, Music Director, Playback Singer Male/Female, Villain and Comedian - while 10 Jury Special Awards were also introduced.[3][4][5] The format was completely reworked for the following year and from 2008 onwards, the works of the preceding year were honoured, with the majority of prizes being selected by a committee, while awards in five categories (Favourite Hero, Heroine, Film, Director and Song) chosen by public voting. The award for Favourite Song was introduced in 2008.


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The ceremony is held every year at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai and is telecasted on STAR Vijay only. However, it is not televised live. Except for the first edition, the ceremonies are held in May, June or July, though always before the announcement of the Filmfare Awards South.

Ceremony Date Host(s) Sponsor(s)
1st Vijay Awards 23 June 2007 Yugi Sethu Reliance Mobile
2nd Vijay Awards 3 May 2008 Yugi Sethu Reliance Mobile
3rd Vijay Awards 13 June 2009 C Gopinath Univercell
4th Vijay Awards 29 May 2010 C Gopinath Univercell
5th Vijay Awards 25 June 2011 C Gopinath and Sivakarthikeyan Close-Up
6th Vijay Awards 16 June 2012 C Gopinath and Sivakarthikeyan Close-Up
7th Vijay Awards 11 May 2013 C Gopinath and R Madhavan Close-Up
8th Vijay Awards 5 July 2014 C Gopinath and Divyadharshini Gionee
9th Vijay Awards 25 April 2015 C Gopinath and Divyadharshini Poorvika
10th Vijay Awards 25 May 2018 C Gopinath and Divyadharshini Poorvika


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Most Nominations to a Single film

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