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Vigrahapala was a 9th-century ruler of the Pala dynasty, in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. He reigned for a brief period before becoming an ascetic. Vigrahapala was a grandson of Dharmapala's younger brother Vakapala and son of Jayapala. He was succeeded by his son, Narayanapala.

Reign9th century
PredecessorShurapala I


Previously, the historians believed that Shurapala and Vigrahapala were the two names of the same person. However, the discovery of a copper plate in 1970 in the Mirzapur district conclusively established that these two were cousins. They either ruled simultaneously (perhaps over different territories) or in rapid succession.[1]:32–37 If they ruled in succession, it seems more likely that Shurapala preceded Vigrahapala, since Vigrahapala I and his descendants ruled in unbroken succession. Vigrahapala either dethroned Shurapala, or replaced him peacefully in absence of any direct heir to the throne.[2]

The information about him and his ancestors is found in the Bhagalpur copper-plate inscription of his son, Narayanapala.[3]


Based on the different interpretations of the various epigraphs and historical records, the different historians estimate Vigrahapala's reign as follows:[1]:32–37

Historian Estimate of Gopala's reign
RC Majumdar (1971) 850-853 (along with Shurapala I)
AM Chowdhury (1967) 861-866 (along with Shurapala I)
BP Sinha (1977) 860-865 (along with Shurapala I)
DC Sircar (1975–76) 858-60

Vigrahapala was of peaceful disposition, and abdicated the throne in favour of his son Narayanpala.[4]

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Preceded by
Shurapala I
Pala Emperor
9th century
Succeeded by