Victorian State League Division 5

Victorian State League Division 5 is the seventh level of soccer in Victoria, Australia, and the eighth nationally. The league is split into four geographic conferences - North, West, South and East. The league replaced Provisional League 3 and the Metropolitan League in 2013 following a restructure of the Victorian State League.

Victorian State League Division 5
Number of teams48 (from 4 divisions)
Level on pyramid8
Promotion toVictorian State League Division 4
Domestic cup(s)FFA Cup
Dockerty Cup
Current championsMonash City (East)
Heidelberg Eagles (North)
Chelsea FC (South)
Westside Strikers Caroline Springs (West)

The winners of each conference are promoted to Victorian State League Division 4. As the lowest tier in Victorian football system, there is no relegation from the league, however clubs may apply to join.

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The following 46 clubs from two conferences of 11 and two conferences of 12 (subject to change based on new clubs, team entries, and divisional switches) will be competing in the Victorian State League Division 3 during the 2019 season.

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