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Victoria Libertas (also known as "VL" or in Italian Vuelle), full name Unione Sportiva Victoria Libertas Pallacanestro, is a professional basketball team that is based in Pesaro, Italy. The club competes in the top level Italian professional basketball league, the Lega Basket Serie A (LBA). It was commonly known across Europe as Scavolini Pesaro, from the name of its historical main sponsor Scavolini (from 1975 to 2014), an Italian kitchen and bathroom products designer and manufacturer, whose co-founder Valter Scavolini was formerly club president. Now, it is known as Carpegna Prosciutto Basket Pesaro after its title sponsor.[1] For past club sponsorship names, see the list below.

Victoria Libertas Pesaro
2021–22 Victoria Libertas Pesaro season
Victoria Libertas Pesaro logo
Founded1 July 1946; 75 years ago (1946-07-01)
HistoryVictoria Pesaro
U.S. Victoria Libertas Pesaro
U.S. Vuelle Pallacanestro
U.S. Victoria Libertas Pallacanestro
ArenaVitrifrigo Arena
LocationPesaro, Marche, Italy
Team colorsRed and White
PresidentArio Costa
Head coachAleksandar Petrović
Championships2 Italian Leagues
2 Italian Cups
1 Saporta Cup
WebsiteOfficial Site


Victoria Libertas was officially founded in 1946 and had its best seasons during the 1980s. After being among the top teams in Italy for decades, Victoria Libertas under the name Scavolini Pesaro, won its first important trophy the 1982–83 FIBA European Cup Winners' Cup, rival the historic French club of ASVEL. Also Scavolini, participated in consecutive lost finals in 1985–86 against the title holder FC Barcelona and in 1986–87 against Cibona. Since then, Italian League was won twice (in 1988 and 1990), and the Italian Cup was also won twice (in 1985 and 1992). Scavolini participated in 1990–91 FIBA European Champions Cup, and managed to play in the semi-final of the Final Four in Paris where the club eliminated by the legendary Pop 84 (the former Jugoplastika) and ranked 4th after one more defeat in the third place game by Maccabi Elite. The two lost finals in the FIBA Korać Cup in 1990 (against Ram Joventut) and in 1992 (against il Messaggero Roma) show the dynamic of the club and at the beginning of the new decade.
In recent years, Victoria Libertas was among the best European teams, having played the Euroleague in 2001–02 and 2004–05 seasons. In 2004–05 it unexpectedly got to the Euroleague Top-8 and was defeated in the quarter finals by the eventual champion Maccabi Elite. Furthermore, Victoria Libertas shooting guard, Charles Smith, was honored with the first-ever Euroleague's Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy,[2] named after the late Euroleague scoring champ who died in 2004 and who was replaced in Victoria Libertas by Smith himself.

Recent historyEdit

In July 2005, as a consequence of the poor administration of the previous two seasons, Victoria Libertas failed to remain within the parameters required to join the Italian Basketball League and wound up. Pesaro's second team, Falco Spar, agreed with former Victoria Libertas president Valter Scavolini to join forces to invest in a team to bring back Victoria Libertas to Italian First Division (Lega Basket Serie A).

The new team, named Scavolini Gruppo Spar (or simply Scavolini-Spar), played the 2005–06 season in the Italian Third Division (B1). Owners' target resulted in Scavolini-Spar having large amounts of money at its disposal compared with the other teams of the league. Players from the upper divisions were enrolled, star Carlton Myers among them, which lead the team to win the league and gain promotion to the Second Division (LegaDue).

In 2006–07 Scavolini-Spar won the LegaDue playoff series, lining up players such as Carlton Myers, Rodney White (9th overall pick of the 2001 NBA draft), Mindaugas Žukauskas (captain of the Lithuanian national basketball team) and Michael Hicks (Panamian national team star). The team was therefore promoted, for the second straight year, to play the Lega Basket Serie A 2007–08 league.

Following the 2009–10 season, Spar's secondary sponsorship contract expired. The club picked up a new secondary sponsor in Italian clothing company Siviglia, thereby changing its full sponsored name to Scavolini Siviglia Style Pesaro (more simply Scavolini Siviglia Pesaro). The club changed its secondary sponsorship again with the expiration of Siviglia's contract at the end of the 2011–12 season, becoming Scavolini Banca Marche Pesaro.

From the 2014–15 season the historical sponsor Scavolini was replaced (for the first time since 1975) by the new main sponsor Consultinvest, whereby the name of the team became Consultinvest Pesaro. Since 2019 summer the new club naming is Carpegna Prosciutto Basket Pesaro thanks to the relationship with the new Title Sponsor Prosciutto di Carpegna.


Current rosterEdit

Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro roster
Players Coaches
Pos. No. Nat. Name Ht. Wt. Age
G/F 3   Drell, Henri 2.04 m (6 ft 8 in) 85 kg (187 lb) 21 – (2000-04-25)25 April 2000
G 7   Moretti, Davide 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) 82 kg (181 lb) 23 – (1998-03-25)25 March 1998
PG 9   Pacheco, Caio 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) 86 kg (190 lb) 22 – (1999-02-22)22 February 1999
PG 15   Tambone, Matteo 1.92 m (6 ft 4 in) 87 kg (192 lb) 27 – (1994-05-14)14 May 1994
SG 18   Stazzonelli, Umberto 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) 17 – (2004-02-12)12 February 2004
C 29   Camara, Gora 2.14 m (7 ft 0 in) 115 kg (254 lb) 20 – (2001-04-12)12 April 2001
PF 34   Dia, Mamoudou 2.00 m (6 ft 7 in) 18 – (2003-06-02)2 June 2003
PF 41   Zanotti, Simone 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) 91 kg (201 lb) 28 – (1992-12-31)31 December 1992
G 44   Sanford, Vincent 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) 89 kg (196 lb) 30 – (1990-12-05)5 December 1990
G 55   Larson, Tyler 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in) 84 kg (185 lb) 29 – (1991-12-31)31 December 1991
PF 71   Demétrio, Leonardo 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) 105 kg (231 lb) 27 – (1994-03-24)24 March 1994
G/F 82   Delfino, Carlos (C) 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) 104 kg (229 lb) 39 – (1982-08-29)29 August 1982
PF 88   Jones, Tyrique 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) 108 kg (238 lb) 24 – (1997-05-03)3 May 1997
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)
  •   Bruno Savignani
  •   Luca Pentucci

  • (C) Team captain
  •   Injured

Updated: September 26, 2021

Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.

Depth chartEdit

Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Bench 2
C Simone Zanotti Gora Camara
PF Leonardo Demétrio Tyrique Jones Mamoudou Dia
SF Henri Drell Carlos Delfino
SG Vincent Sanford Matteo Tambone Umberto Stazzonelli
PG Tyler Larson Davide Moretti Caio Pacheco

(colours: Italian or homegrown players; foreign players; young players)


Total titles: 5

Domestic competitionsEdit

Winners (2): 1987–88, 1989–90
Runners-up (4): 1981–82, 1984–85, 1991–92, 1993–94
Winners (2): 1984–85, 1991–92
Runner-up (4): 1985–85, 1986–87, 2000–01, 2003–04
Runners-up (1): 2001

European competitionsEdit

4th place (1): 1990–91
Final Four (1): 1991
Winners (1): 1982–83
Runners-up (2): 1985–86, 1986–87
Semifinalists (2): 1983–84, 1987–88
Runners-up (2): 1989–90, 1991–92
4th place (1): 2009–10
Final Four (1): 2010

Worldwide competitionsEdit

4th place (2): 1988, 1990

Other competitionsEdit

4th place (1): 1996
  • Torneo de Vasco Martini-Castelfiorentino
Winners (1): 2007

International recordEdit

Season Achievement Notes
1988–89 Quarter-finals 6th place in a group with Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv, FC Barcelona, Jugoplastika, Aris, Limoges, CSKA Moscow and Nashua EBBC
1990–91 Final Four 4th place in Paris, lost to Pop 84 87–93 in the semi-final, lost to Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv 81–83 in the 3rd place game
1992–93 Quarter-finals eliminated 2-1 by Benetton Treviso, 94-92 (W) in Pesaro, 94-101 (L) and 58-77 (L) in Treviso
1994–95 Quarter-finals eliminated 2-1 by Limoges, 68-55 (W) in Pesaro, 66-79 (L) and 72-82 (L) in Limoges
2000–01 Quarter-finals eliminated 2-0 by Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv, 69-80 (L) in Tel Aviv and 77-84 (L) in Pesaro
2004–05 Quarter-finals eliminated 2-0 by Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv, 60-88 (L) in Tel Aviv and 100-103 (L) in Pesaro
FIBA Saporta Cup
1982–83 Champions defeated ASVEL 111–99 in the final of European Cup Winners' Cup in Palma de Mallorca
1983–84 Semi-finals eliminated by Simac Milano, 76–78 (L) in Pesaro and 80-90 (L) in Milan
1985–86 Final lost to FC Barcelona 86–101 in the final (Caserta)
1986–87 Final lost to Cibona 74–89 in the final (Novi Sad)
1987–88 Semi-finals eliminated by Limoges, 86–102 (L) in Limoges and 93-91 (W) in Pesaro
FIBA Korać Cup
1989–90 Final lost to Ram Joventut, 98–99 (L) in Pesaro and 86-96 (L) in Badalona in the double finals of Korać Cup
1991–92 Final lost to il Messaggero Roma, 94–94 (D) in Rome and 86-99 (L) in Pesaro in the double finals of Korać Cup
1993–94 Quarter-finals eliminated by PAOK Bravo, 82-66 (W) in Pesaro and 58-96 (L) in Thessaloniki
1995–96 Quarter-finals eliminated by Teamsystem Bologna, 81-84 (L) in Pesaro and 89-100 (L) in Bologna
FIBA EuroChallenge
2009–10 Final Four 4th place in Göttingen, lost to Krasnye Krylya Samara 70–73 in the semi-final, lost to Chorale Roanne 80–86 in the 3rd place game
McDonald's Championship
1988 4th 4th place in Madrid, lost to Real Madrid 96–108 in the semi-final, lost to Yugoslavia 91–100 in the 3rd place game
1990 4th 4th place in Barcelona, lost to New York Knicks 115–119 in the semi-final, lost to FC Barcelona 105–106 in the 3rd place game


Arena and supportersEdit

In 1996 Victoria Libertas moved from the historic "hangar" arena into the new BPA Palas arena (today: Vitrifrigo Arena) which now hosts its home games. Drawing large audiences from nearby towns and the whole Marche region, in mid 2000s Victoria Libertas was among the top ten basketball teams in Europe for average attendance.

Notable playersEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.


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  • Set a club record or won an individual award while at the club.
  • Played at least one official international match for their national team at any time.
  • Played at least one official NBA match at any time.

Head coachesEdit

Sponsorship namesEdit

In the past, due to sponsorship deals, it has also been known as:[3]

  • Benelli Pesaro (1952–58)
  • Lanco Pesaro (1958–61)
  • Algor Pesaro (1961–63)
  • Butangas Pesaro (1966–69)
  • Frizz Pelmo Pesaro (1969–70)
  • Tropicali Pesaro (1970–71)
  • Maxmobili Pesaro (1971–75)
  • Scavolini Pesaro (1975–2014)
  • Consultinvest Pesaro (2014–2017)
  • No Main Sponsor (2017–2019)
  • Carpegna Prosciutto Basket Pesaro (2019–present)


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