Vibeke Falk

Vibeke Falk (née Mowinckel; 27 September 1918 – 9 October 2011) was a Norwegian actress.

Vibeke Falk
Vibeke Falk.jpg
Portrait by Ernest Rude, c. 1940
Born(1918-09-27)27 September 1918
Died9 October 2011(2011-10-09) (aged 93)
Spouse(s)Lauritz Falk


She was a daughter of wholesaler Thorolf Beyer Mowinckel and Jenny Modesta Fasmer, From 1937 to 1950, she was married to actor Lauritz Falk (1909–1990).[1][2]

Falk made her stage debut at Søilen Teater in 1938, and film debut in Gjest Baardsen in 1939. During the period 1939-42, she was employed at the Nationaltheatret in Oslo and at Trøndelag Teater in Trondheim in 1952-53 and again in 1958-60. In the period 1960-68 she was at the Den Nationale Scene in Bergen and after that freelance. She was featured in the role of Anna Reinche in the Norwegian film classic Gjest Baardsen from 1939 directed by Tancred Ibsen. In the 1940s she participated in the Swedish films Nygifta (1941), Klockan på Rönneberga (1944), Bröder emellan (1946) and Singoalla (1949).[3][4][5]


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