Vezhen (Bulgarian: Вежен [ˈvɛʒɛn]) is a peak in the western Balkan Mountains, located in western Bulgaria. At 2,198 metres (7,211 ft) Vezhen is the 77th highest mountain in Bulgaria. It is situated in the Teteven mountain. Its slopes mark the border of the Tsarichina Reserve. Around the peak's area is located the largest forests of Pinus peuce in the Balkan Mountains.

Vezhen (Вежен)
Vezhen Peak
Highest point
Elevation2,198 m (7,211 ft)
Coordinates42°45′21″N 24°21′15″E / 42.75583°N 24.35417°E / 42.75583; 24.35417Coordinates: 42°45′21″N 24°21′15″E / 42.75583°N 24.35417°E / 42.75583; 24.35417
Vezhen (Вежен) is located in Bulgaria
Vezhen (Вежен)
Vezhen (Вежен)
Location of Vezhen in Bulgaria
LocationTeteven Mountain, Bulgaria
Parent rangeBalkan Mountains