Thomas Conning (born 11 January 1981), better known by the stage name Verb T is a UK hip-hop artist based in London.

Verb T
Birth nameThomas Conning
Also known asBird T, Dick Trusay[1]
Born (1981-01-11) 11 January 1981 (age 39)
London, England
GenresHip hop
Years active1999–present
LabelsLow Life, YNR Productions, High Focus Records, In The Balance Records
Associated actsThe Four Owls, Harry Love
WebsiteHigh Focus


He has released seven albums and five EPs as well as numerous singles.

His first release was the 12-track EP Backhand Slap Talk / Technical Illness which was a shared release featuring songs from fellow London-based rapper Kashmere.[2] It was released on Lowlife Records.[3]

This was followed by his debut album Bring It Back To Basics which was a collaborative release featuring production by former Scratch Perverts DJ Harry Love.[4]

In 2011 Verb T formed a group with artists Fliptrix, Leaf Dog and BVA MC, known as The Four Owls. The lead single Not Like Before and following album Natures Greatest Mystery have seen The Owls touring solidly in the UK throughout 2012 with DJ Madnice. The Verb T album Morning Process was released September 2012 on High Focus Records.

Verb T's first self produced album '‘I Remain'’ was released in 2013 on High Focus Records.

The Four Owls released a new album in 2015 called The Natural Order, which featured the well-known US producer DJ Premier.[5]

In 2018 Verb T along with Pitch 92 created 4 original tracks for the programme Just Another Immigrant which aired in the USA on Showtime and in the UK on Sky Atlantic starring Romesh Ranganathan.

In the same year Verb and Pitch also composed and performed the title track for the Sky One sitcom The Reluctant Landlord.

In 2019 the second series of Reluctant Landlord was released and in addition to what title track Verb T and Pitch 92 created original music used throughout the series and in the Christmas Special set to air on 23 December 2019 on Sky One.


  • The single "Ill Lyrical Behaviour" (Apeman records)
  • The Single "Showbitchness" (LowLife Records)
  • The EP Backhand Slap Talk / Technical Illness (Lowlife Records)
  • The Album I'm Not That Guy (Pepa Records)
  • The single Delusion (Silent Soundz)
  • The album Bring It Back To Basics (Silent Soundz)
  • The single Satisfied (Silent Soundz)
  • The album Broken Window (Silent Soundz)
  • The album Verbs With A Vengeance (Thomas Records)
  • The album "Serious Games" 2010 (Ynr Productions)
  • The EP 'Self Ish' 2011 (High Focus Records)
  • The EP 'Self Less' 2011 (High Focus Records)
  • The LP 'Nature's Greatest Mystery' (as part of 'The Four Owls') 2011 (High Focus Records)
  • The EP 'More Dynamite' 2012 (High Focus Records)
  • The LP 'Morning Process' 2012 (High Focus Records)
  • The LP 'I Remain' 2013 (High Focus Records)
  • The EP 'Medicated Dreams' 2014 (High Focus Records)
  • The LP 'Natural Order' 2015 (as part of 'The Four Owls') (High Focus Records)
  • The LP 'The Man With The Foggy Eyes' 2015 (with 'Illinformed') (High Focus Records)
  • The LP 'Good Evening' 2017 (with 'Pitch 92') (High Focus Records)
  • The LP ‘A Question of Time’ 2019 (With Pitch 92) (High Focus Records)


  • Showbitchness from the Lowlife Records compilation 'Food' (2002)
  • "Exactly" from the Ghost EP 'Ghost Stories' (2004)
  • "Headtrip" from the Copperpot album 'Chapter 7' (2005)
  • Soul Cry from the Manage album 'Live In Protest' (2006)
  • Black Sea from the Kashmere album 'In The Hour Of Chaos' (2006)
  • "Opium Foetus" from the Kashmere album 'In The Hour Of Choas' (2006)
  • Various tracks from the Ghost album 'Seldom Seen Often Heard' (2006)
  • Pick A Subject from the Braintax album 'Panorama' (2006)
  • Just Let Me from the album 'EV Records Presents: Everything' (2007)
  • "Why do you Try" from the Fliptrix album 'Force Fed Imagery' (2007)
  • Alternate Take & Jealousy's a Bitch from the Jon Phonics compilation 'Half Past Calm' (2008)
  • "Dynamite" from the Sonny Jim album 'Trading Standards' (2008)
  • "Mine for the Taking" from the Skreintax album 'The Scene Stealers' (2008)
  • "Frozen in Time" and "Invisible World" from the Ghost album 'Freedom of Thought' (2009)
  • "Cracked It" from the Asaviour and DJ IQ album 'A Loop Theory' (2009)
  • "Own Zone" & "life We Lead from the Fliptrix album 'Theory of Rhyme' (2010)
  • "Everything" from the Jam Baxter album "Rinse out Friday / Spack out Monday" (2010)
  • "Time and a Place" from the Leaf Dog album "From a Scarecrow's Perspective" (2011)
  • "Nothing's Quite as it Seems" from the Fliptrix album "Third Eye of the Storm" (2012)
  • "Squashed" from the Jam Baxter Album "Gruesome Features" (2012)


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