Venterskroon is a town in Tlokwe Local Municipality in the North West province of South Africa. It is an old mining town, located in a valley in the middle of the Dome Mountain Land.[1]

The gravel road through Venterskroon
The gravel road through Venterskroon
Venterskroon is located in North West (South African province)
Venterskroon is located in South Africa
Coordinates: 26°53′13″S 27°16′10″E / 26.88694°S 27.26944°E / -26.88694; 27.26944
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceNorth West
DistrictDr Kenneth Kaunda
MunicipalityJB Marks
Time zoneUTC+2 (SAST)

Venterskroon is home to the Vredefort Dome Information Centre. The Vredefort Dome is the center of the Vredefort impact structure. This impact structure is the world's largest, oldest, and most deeply eroded complex asteroid impact structure in the world, and has been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site [2][3]

Evidence of the earliest inhabitants of the Venterskroon area has been found at the farm Thabela Thabeng and consists of petroglyphs representing hippo and rhino [4]

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The view from the top of Aasvoelkop in the heart of the Vredefort impact structure with the Vaal River and Venterskroon on its right in the background