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Vehicle registration plates of Lebanon

Vehicle registration plates of Lebanon have a blue bar to the left like in EU countries (without the 12 golden stars) if the plate is wide and to the top if the plate is a normal rectangle. The blue bar consists the name of the country in Arabic (لبنان), the Lebanese Cedar in the middle and the vehicle’s classification all in white. The rest of the plate is white, with a Latin letter representing the vehicle’s registration area and Arabic numbers next to the letter in bold. Yellow plates are used by dealers, red ones are used by taxis and public transport, and green ones are for rental vehicles. If the plate is white but the bar is red, then the car is owned by a judge. If the bar is yellow, the car belongs to a high level politician, like a minister or higher.


The following style is X 999999 with numbers followed with Latin letters. X is town registered to:

Latin Arabic Town Governorates Notes
A Code A added to Numbers previously without Code
B Beirut Beirut
Y N/A Aley Mount Lebanon
G Jounieh Mount Lebanon
N Nabatiye Nabatieh
O Ouzai Mount Lebanon
S Sidon South Libanon
T Tripoli North Libanon
K N/A Baalbek Beqaa
Z Zahleh Beqaa
D د N/A N/A Diplomatic License Plate (Contains Country Code and Car Number)
J ع N/A N/A Reserved for Judges
M م N/A N/A Reserved for Motorcycles and Vehicles owned by companies or institutions (مؤسسات)
P N/A N/A N/A Public Transportation Vehicles (Previously registered under the letter M and only distinguished with a red background)

R ر روحي


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