Vasily Lytkin

Vasily Ilyich Lytkin (Komi: Lytkin Illya Vas, also known by the pseudonym Illya Vas) was a Soviet Komi poet, translator, linguist, Finno-Ugrist, Doktor nauk. and member of Finnish Academy of Sciences (1969). He was a laureate of the State Prize of the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.[1][2]

Vasily Lytkin
BornDecember 1895 (1895-12)
Tentyukovo, Russian Empire
DiedAugust 27, 1981(1981-08-27) (aged 85)
Moscow, USSR
Pen nameIllya Vas
Alma materSt. Petersburg University
Notable awardsState Prize of the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Early lifeEdit

Lytkin was born in the village of Tentyukovo, near the Komi capital of Ust-Sysolsk (modern-day Syktyvkar) in December 1895.

Lutkin studied in Helsinki and Budapest, and later published a historical analysis of the Komi language.[3] He was the first Komi to study at St. Petersburg University.[3]


In 1933, he was arrested and sentenced to five years, which he spent in the Dallag gulag. In 1956, he was fully rehabilitated.[4][5] He researched the role of Stephen of Perm and published poetry under the pseudonym Illya Vas.

Lytkin published 11 monographs and over 300 scientific articles.

Starting in 1958, he was a member of the Union of Soviet Writers. He translated the works of Pushkin, Tyutchev, Mayakovsky, Demyan Bedny, Chukovsky into the Komi language.

Lytkin died on August 27, 1981 in Moscow.


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