Vargem do Braço River

The Vargem do Braço River (Portuguese: Rio Vargem do Braço, also known as Rio Vargem do Cedro[1] and Rio Pilões[2]) is a river of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Vargem do Braço River
Vargem do Cedro River
Pilões River
Scenery in the community of Vargem do Braço near the river mouth.
Vargem do Braço River is located in Brazil
Vargem do Braço River
Native nameRio Vargem do Braço  (Portuguese)
Physical characteristics
 • location
Cubatão River, Morro da Pipa, Santa Catarina
 • coordinates
27°42′23″S 48°42′6″W / 27.70639°S 48.70167°W / -27.70639; -48.70167Coordinates: 27°42′23″S 48°42′6″W / 27.70639°S 48.70167°W / -27.70639; -48.70167
Basin features
River systemCubatão River


The Vargem do Braço River rises in the lushly-forested Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, a 84,130 hectares (207,900 acres) protected area created in 1975.[3] The Serra do Tabuleiro, with altitudes above 1,200 metres (3,900 ft), is the largest mountain in the east-central portion of the state.[4] The river is the main source of water for the greater Florianópolis metropolitan region.[4] The river seems to have flowed NNW until quite recently, when a major tectonic event forced it to change its course. It now flows ENE to enter the Cubatão River near its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean.[5]

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