Cubatão River (south Santa Catarina)

The Cubatão River is a river of Santa Catarina state in southeastern Brazil.

Cubatão River
Cubatão River (south Santa Catarina) is located in Brazil
Cubatão River (south Santa Catarina)
Native nameRio Cubatão  (Portuguese)
Physical characteristics
 • locationSanta Catarina state
 • location
Atlantic Ocean, Palhoça, Santa Catarina
 • coordinates
27°41′54″S 48°38′13″W / 27.698296°S 48.636924°W / -27.698296; -48.636924Coordinates: 27°41′54″S 48°38′13″W / 27.698296°S 48.636924°W / -27.698296; -48.636924
Basin features
 • rightVargem do Braço River

The sources of the river are in the 84,130 hectares (207,900 acres) Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, a mountainous region to the south west of Florianópolis covered in lush rain forest. The river supplies water to the greater Florianópolis region.[1] It enters the Atlantic to the south of the suburb of Palhoça.

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