Valli (TV series)

Valli is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera that premiered on Sun TV on 17 December 2012 and ended on 14 September 2019.[1] The show starred Vidhya Mohan, RajKumar Manoharan, Ajai Kapoor, Rani and Manoharan Krishnan. This is the longest ran Tamil soap opera.[2][3]

Valli serial.jpg
GenreSoap opera
Romance (love)
Written byDialogues by
M.P. Karthikayan
Vasu Bharathi
V. Padmavathy
Screenplay byRaj Prabhu
K. Shanmugam
S. Sekkilar
V. Padmavathy
Directed byR.P Maradhu (Episodes 1-50)
K. Shanmugam (Episodes 51-70)
R. Nandhakumar (Episodes 71-233)
Hafees (Episode 234-244)
N. Sundareshwaran (Episodes 245-1147)
Sai Marudhu (Episode 1148-1458)
K.J.Thangapandian (Episodes 1459-1881)
S. Anand Babu (Episodes 1882-1961)
Creative director(s)B. R. Vijayalakshmi
Prince Immanuels
StarringVidhya Mohan
Raj Kumar
Ajay Kapoor
Theme music composerX. Paulraj
Opening theme"Kaalam Oru Nathiyena"
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1961
CinematographyK.S.Udhaya Shankar
T.A. Gopinath
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 20-24 minutes
Production company(s)Saregama
Original networkSun TV
Original release17 December 2012 (2012-12-17) –
14 September 2019 (2019-09-14)
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The show is produced by Saregama and directed by S. Anand Babu.[4]


Valli portrays the courage shown by a small-town girl who is very simple and ordinary in looks. She runs away from a small town due to the troubles caused by her maternal uncle as he tries to get Valli married to a local guy for money.

Valli starts a fascinating journey seeking fresh hopes in life and an environment to suit herself. She hides her own identity in the new environment and tries settling into a new life without any burdens and sorrows. During this period, there comes a new problem which she had never imaged about.

She faces many more challenges from the people where she is currently and her life becomes more miserable than ever when she was in her small town. The story then takes a high twist and turn and runs into a peachy mood and how Valli shows her courage to manage all those problems and come out of the situation forms the crux of the story. Valli dons her twin sister Vennila's identity to solve the problems in her life with the help of an old lady named Rajeswari. Vennila's husband Anand didn't go to school at his young days due to his uncle Sivashankaran's evil plans. Shankar also kills Anand's parents and makes Anand as a foolish and scared of his brother Prakash. Valli helps Anand in his learning with the help of her friend Nandan. Vennila is pregnant and the story moves in that line. Shankar's daughter Shalini marries Arun, with an unknown fact that he has a mother and a younger sister. Her uncle Nithish, who loves her makes a plan to separate Shalini and Arun. All these plans go vain due to the idea of Arun's sister in law Anandhi and his father Natarajan. Shankar and Prakash make accident to Anand with the help of Bala. Due to this accident, Anand reaches Coma stage. Sena gets a new enemy named Inspector Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan and Sena become friends because Sena is helping him to find his kidnapped daughter Vandhana. Sena identifies that Vandhana was kidnapped by Balaji, who wants to avenge his sister who had been raped by Arya, famous businessman Kasinathan's son. Sena rescues her and in the meantime, Bala and Sorna ally again to revenge Valli and Vicky. Anand gets cured of Coma stage and takes charge as MD of Anand Group of Companies. Vennila delivers a baby and gets eyesight. Valli-Vicky goes to Yercaud for honeymoon. But the spirit of Umamaheshwari enters Valli, even though Uma is in coma stage. Now Prakash gets all properties of Anand by kidnapping Vennila's son with the help of his father in law GRK. Prakash marries Devi. Vaishali and GRK find out about Prakash's second marriage. Devi becomes MD of Anand Group of Companies. Prakash becomes her assistant. Indrasena also faces numerous problems through Chamundeshwari, her husband Ashok, Ashok's father Singaperumal and later on through Singaperumal's sister Deivanayaki. Indrasena helps to Judge Sivagami because her granddaughter was murdered by Singaperumal. Anand finds out the truth about Valli. Prakash turns good and plots with Valli and Vicky against Sivashankar. But Sivashankar continues to brainwash Anand. Valli gets pregnant. Sivashankar implants a bomb in the car in an attempt to kill Vennila. However, Venilla survives and disguises as a male cook by name Singaravelan and joins in Anand's house so that she can expose the true nature of Sivashankar to Anand. Valli's friend Rahul donates his kidney to Azhagamperumal because of kidney failure. But Rahul blackmails Valli and Vicky, he states that the price is Valli's first child. Sivashankar is trying Anand get to marry with a girl Archana although Anand had married. Deivanayaki tries to shoot and kill Indrasena but Sivagami's housemaid Kamala saves Indrasena and Kamala gets shot and dies.then judge sivagami accuses the criminals. Then the life shifts to Valli were the baby of the Valli was adopted to Valli's friend Rahul with the presence of their family. After the critical situation, Rahul gives the baby to Valli and leave their life. The Anand appoints an assistant named Archana



  • Uma(1-234) → Vidhya Mohan(235-1961) as Valli Vikram and Vennila Anand (dual role)[5]
  • Rani as Indhrasena a.k.a Sena, Famous don, Valli's friend
  • Raj Kumar Manoharan as Vikram Azhagamperumal a.k.a Vicky, Azhagamperumal's son,Valli's husband.
  • Ajai Kapoor as Anand Chandrasekharan aka Anand, Chandrasekharan's son,Vennila's husband


  • Poovilangu Mohan as Azhagamperumal, Vicky and Geetha's father
  • Kanya Bharathi → Uma Rani as Mythili Azhagamperumal, Azhagamperumal's 2nd wife and Vicky and Geetha's step mother
  • Kavitha Solairajan as Geetha Bala, Vicky's sister, Bala's 2nd wife
  • Jyothi LakshmiLatha Sabapathi as Rajeshwari, Anand and Prakash's grandmother, Chandrasekharan and Sivashankaran's mother
  • Rajasekar → Girish as Sivashankaran, Rajeshwari's second son; Antagonist
  • Dr. Sharmila as Gayathri Sivashankaran, Sivashankaran's wife
  • Manoharan Krishnan as Bala, Geetha's husband, Mythili's brother; Antagonist
  • Lakshmi Raj as Prakash, Sivashankaran's son
  • Mownika as Vaishali Prakash, Prakash's wife
  • S. Sunil Kumar as G.R.K, Vaishali's father
  • Nathan Shyam as Rahul, Valli's friend; Antagonist
  • Sangeetha Gayathri as Ramya Rahul, Rahul's wife
  • Anuradha Krishnamoorthy as Judge Sivagami
  • Ujjayinee Roy as Chamundeshwari Ashok, Ashok's wife
  • Saif as Dileep, Thara's husband
  • Pooja → Preethi Kumar as Thara Dileep, Indrasena's niece
  • Bharathi Mohan as Singaperumal,Ashok's father
  • Nagu Pinky as Deivanayaki, Singaperumal's sister
  • Sreenidhi Sudharsan as Nandhini / Lakshmi
  • V. Dasharathy as Josheyar
  • Mohana as TV Host
  • Ramji as Subramani (Subbu)
  • Indraja as Madhumitha Subramani, Subramani's wife
  • V.S. Raghavan as Swaminathan, Subramani's grandfather
  • Samdani Basha as Mahesh
  • Sivan Sreenivasan as Natraj, Subramani's father
  • Priya as Lakshmi Natraj, Subramani's mother
  • Sasi Anand as Kottaiswamy, Valli's uncle
  • Subramanian Gopalakrishnan as Karthick, Valli's friend
  • Dindukal Dhanam → Surekha as Bhagyam, Valli's mother (died in serial)
  • Bhavani as Santha, Madhumitha's mother
  • Prakash Rajan as Subash (died in serial)
  • Dharshini as Poongudi (died in serial), Valli's mother
  • Nanjil Nalini as Kottaiswamy's mother
  • Sai Sakthi as Kathir Natraj, Subramani's brother (died in serial)
  • Yuvanraj Nethran as Rajesh
  • Birla Bose as Singaravelan I.P.S
  • Akila as Nirmala, Bala-Nagu's daughter (died in serial)
  • Haripriya as Shobha, Nandhan's fiance
  • Krish as Shobha's elder brother
  • Geetha as Geetha
  • Deepa as Sornam, Subramani's aunt
  • Sri Vidhya as Deepa, Sornam's daughter
  • Sadhana as Banumathy ,Nandhan's mother (died in serial)
  • Dev Anand as Nandhan, Valli's ex fiance,famous lawyer
  • Shamily Sukumar → Sunitha as Shamili Vinod, Vicky's sister
  • Satish Kumar as Vinod, Shamili's husband
  • Babitha as Maragatham, Vinod's mother
  • Krithika Laddu as Sudha, Madhumitha's friend
  • Easter as Subbu's friend
  • Yamuna as Yamuna
  • Jeeva Ravi as Chandrasekharan, Rajeshwari's 1st son,Anand's father(died in serial)
  • Niharika as Pavithra, Anand's mother (died in serial)
  • Vietnam Veedu Sundaram as Sena's Uncle
  • Nagalakshmi as Nagalakshmi Bala (Bala's 1st wife)
  • Pandu as Natarajan, Arun's father
  • Sri Vidhya Shankar as Renukadevi, Arun's mother
  • Adams as Arun ,Shalini's husband
  • Tejaswini Shekar → Darshana Das as Shalini Arun, Sivashankaran's daughter
  • Aravind as Aravind, Arun's brother
  • Sonia as Anandhi , Aravind's wife
  • Suchithra as Suchithra , Arun's sister
  • Gopi as Nithish, Shalini's mother
  • --- as Chakravarthy
  • K. S. Jayalakshmi as Shanthi
  • Monika as Vishnu Vandhana
  • Guhan Shanmugam as Balaji
  • Manikandan as Arya
  • Ravivarma as Inspector Karthikeyan
  • Sangeetha Balan as Sorna, Lady don; Antagonist
  • Kasi as Kasinathan
  • Sudha Prakash as Lakshmi
  • Bobby Bilani as Aditya,Kasinathan's son (died in serial)
  • Raja as Mari (died in serial)
  • Munisraj as Munisraj Detective
  • Veena Venkatesh as Umamaheshwari's mother
  • Sowmya Sharada as Umamaheshwari
  • Rishi as Kishore, Umamaheshwari's lover
  • Sumangali as Kishore's mother
  • Nancy Jennifer as Brindha
  • --- as Dakshinamurthy
  • Mahesh Prabha as Inspector Arumugam
  • Poorni as Jenny
  • Archana Harish → Divya Krishnan as Devi
  • Meena Sellamuthu as Sandi Rani
  • ----- as Padmanabhan (died in serial)
  • Prem as Rajaram, Singaperumal's friend (died in serial)
  • ------ as Rajesh (died in serial)
  • Vasanth Gopinath as Mahendran
  • Jaheer Hassain as Sathish
  • -------- as Kamala (died in serial)
  • --- as Mahima
  • Manush as Ashok
  • --- as Daksha
  • ---- / Sathyamoorthy as Thangam Devaraj (died in serial)
  • Mahalakshmi as Archana, Shivashankaran's assistant
  • Baby George as Karpagam, Archana's mother

Original SoundtrackEdit

The title song was written by lyricist Dr. Kiruthiya, composed by the music director Paulraj and sung by Saindhavi.


Track list
1."Kaalam Oru Nathiyena" (காலம் ஒரு நதியென)Dr. KiruthiyaSaindhavi2:24

Awards and NominationEdit

Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
2014 Sun Kudumbam Awards Best Female Negativ Role Rani Indrasena Won
Best Mamanar Poovilangu Mohan Azhagam Perumal Nominated
Best Male Negative Role Manohar Bala Nominated
2018 Sun Kudumbam Awards Sun Nakshatra Award Rani Indrasena Won
Best Female Negative Role Rani Indrasena Nominated
Best Couple Vidhya Mohan & Raj Kumar Manoharan Valli&Vicky Nominated
Best sister Vidhya Mohan Vennila Won
Best comedian Ajay kapoor Anand Nominated
Best Supporting Actor (Male) Ajay Kapoor Anand Nominated
Best Mamanar Poovilangu Mohan Azhagam Perumal Won

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