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Valley Line (Edmonton)

The Valley Line is a future 27 km (17 mi), low-floor urban light rail line in Edmonton, Alberta currently under construction.[4][5][6] It will be part of the Edmonton LRT. It will run southeast to west from Mill Woods to Lewis Farms, crossing through downtown. The line will be constructed in phases, with phase 1 being the 13.1 km (8.1 mi), 12-station portion between Mill Woods and 102 Street (Downtown) allowing passengers to connect with the Capital Line and Metro Line at Churchill station. Construction began on April 22, 2016 with completion of phase 1 set for 2021.[7][8][9] Upon completion of the entire line, the Valley Line is expected to serve more than 100,000 commuters daily,[10] nearly matching the current Capital Line and Metro Line in terms of capacity and ridership.

Valley Line
Tawatinâ Bridge construction.jpg
Tawatinâ Bridge under construction
TypeLight rail
Termini102 Street
Mill Woods
  • 12 (Phase 1)
  • 16 (Phase 2)[1]
  • 28 (Total)
Planned opening2021 (phase 1)
2025-2026 (phase 2)[1]
Operator(s)Edmonton Transit System
Depot(s)Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility[2]
Line length13.1 km (8.1 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Operating speed80 kilometres per hour (50 mph) maximum[3]
Route map
Edmonton Valley Line.png
Valley Line
Lewis Farms
182 Street
West Edmonton Mall
95 Avenue
156 Street
149 Street
142 Street
Groat Road
124 Street
120 Street
116 Street
112 Street
107 Street
106/105 Street
Phase 2
Phase 1
102 Street
Metro Line
Capital Line
Tawatinâ Bridge over
North Saskatchewan River
Bonnie Doon
Gerry Wright Operations
and Maintenance Facility
Grey Nuns
Mill Woods

Unlike the other trains in the system, the Valley line will operate low-floor Bombardier Flexity Freedom trains, which were first designed for Toronto's Line 5 Eglinton line.[11]

Valley Line Southeast (Downtown to Mill Woods)Edit

Planning studies for an LRT route from downtown to Mill Woods began in early 2009.[12] In December 2009, Edmonton city council approved a new low-floor train route that would leave a new ground-level station at Churchill Square on 102 Avenue between 100 and 99 Streets before stopping in The Quarters redevelopment on 102 Avenue between 97 Street and 96 Street. From here the route enters a tunnel and travels beneath 95 Street descending into the river valley to cross the North Saskatchewan River on the new Tawatinâ Bridge,[13] which will be constructed east of Louise McKinney Park. The route then proceeds to climb the hill adjacent to Connors Road then proceed east along 95 Avenue and southbound at 85 Street. The route will travel southbound along 85 Street crossing the traffic circle and shifting to 83 Street, continuing south and east towards Wagner Road. Finally the line will proceed south along 75/66 Street until it reaches Mill Woods Town Centre. Within this line the proposed stops are: Quarters, Muttart, Strathearn, Holyrood, Bonnie Doon, Avonmore, Davies (to include a bus terminal and park & ride),[14] Millbourne/Woodvale, Grey Nuns, and Mill Woods Town Centre. The maintenance and storage of vehicles for the line will be at the new Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility, at Whitemud Drive and 75 Street.[15]

On June 1, 2011, Edmonton City Council approved $39 million in funding to proceed with preliminary engineering for the Valley Line.[12] In November 2011 City Council voted to allocate $800 million to the project, with the hopes of starting construction by 2014 and an expected completion date of 2018.[16] A funding plan was approved in October 2012 in which the city would contribute $800 million into the project with the remaining $1 billion coming from the provincial and federal governments.[17]

On February 15, 2012, city council approved the Downtown LRT concept plan. The Downtown LRT Project became part of the Southeast to West LRT project.[18] The city hoped to have money in place by the end of 2013 for the $1.8-billion LRT line from downtown to Mill Woods to start construction in 2016. City council committed $800 million, the federal government invested $250 million, and $235 million would come from the provincial government, leaving a $515 million funding gap delaying the project.[19] On March 11, 2014, it was announced that the project would be completely funded[20][21] with an additional $150 million from the federal government and $365 million from the provincial government.[22][23]

Land procurement began in 2011[24] and utility relocation began in 2013,[25][26][27][28] completion of the first stage is expected in 2020.[29][30] The official groundbreaking of the new LRT Valley Line occurred on 22 April 2016.[31][32]

As of September 2019, this segment of the line is a year behind schedule of its projected December 2020 opening date. The 2019 construction season posed a challenge to crews due to frequent rain.[33]

Valley Line West (Downtown to Lewis Farms)Edit

A planned expansion to Lewis Farms, with the West Edmonton Mall en route, is in the engineering phase as part of the 27-kilometre Valley Line.

The option approved by Council in 2010 has the west LRT extension run from downtown along 104 Avenue and Stony Plain Road to 156 Street, then south on 156 Street to Meadowlark Health And Shopping Centre, and then west along 87 Avenue to West Edmonton Mall and beyond. Proponents of this route cited opportunities for transit-oriented development.[34][35]

In 2016, the Valley Line West received funding through the Government of Canada’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) to review the preliminary design that was completed in 2013. The funding covers work to determine the most appropriate project delivery method (P3, for example) and to develop a business case for construction funding.

On November 1, 2018, the Government of Alberta announced a contribution of $1.04 billion towards the second phase of the Valley Line, extending it west to Lewis Farms with an estimated completion date of 2027-28.[36] Once additional funding is secured, it is anticipated it would take about one year to select a contractor and another five to six years to complete construction.[37]


Valley Line Southeast (Under Construction)Edit

Stop Grade-level Transfer Area Scheduled opening Location[38]
102 Street stop Surface Downtown 2020 53°32′35″N 113°29′41″W / 53.54306°N 113.49472°W / 53.54306; -113.49472 (102 Street stop)
Churchill station Surface   Capital Line
  Metro Line
Downtown 2020 53°32′36″N 113°29′23″W / 53.54333°N 113.48972°W / 53.54333; -113.48972 (Churchill station)
Quarters stop Surface Downtown 2020 53°32′40″N 113°29′1″W / 53.54444°N 113.48361°W / 53.54444; -113.48361 (Quarters stop)
Muttart stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°32′11″N 113°28′46″W / 53.53639°N 113.47944°W / 53.53639; -113.47944 (Muttart stop)
Strathearn stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°31′54″N 113°27′46″W / 53.53167°N 113.46278°W / 53.53167; -113.46278 (Strathearn stop)
Holyrood stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°31′40″N 113°27′27″W / 53.52778°N 113.45750°W / 53.52778; -113.45750 (Holyrood stop)
Bonnie Doon stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°31′10″N 113°27′20″W / 53.51944°N 113.45556°W / 53.51944; -113.45556 (Bonnie Doon stop)
Avonmore stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°30′34″N 113°27′18″W / 53.50944°N 113.45500°W / 53.50944; -113.45500 (Avonmore stop)
Davies station Elevated Southeast 2020 53°30′0″N 113°26′39″W / 53.50000°N 113.44417°W / 53.50000; -113.44417 (Davies station)
Millbourne/Woodvale stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°28′30″N 113°26′20″W / 53.47500°N 113.43889°W / 53.47500; -113.43889 (Millbourne stop)
Grey Nuns stop Surface Southeast 2020 53°27′46″N 113°26′4″W / 53.46278°N 113.43444°W / 53.46278; -113.43444 (Grey Nuns stop)
Mill Woods station Surface Southeast 2020 53°27′30″N 113°25′50″W / 53.45833°N 113.43056°W / 53.45833; -113.43056 (Mill Woods station)

Valley Line West (Under Design)Edit


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