Utah's at-large congressional district

From statehood in 1896 through the creation of a second district in 1913, Utah sent one representative to the United States House of Representatives who was elected at-large statewide.

Upper-body portrait of a late-nineteenth-century man in a suit.
Clarence Emir Allen, Utah's first representative from the State of Utah

List of members representing the districtEdit

Name Party Years Cong
Electoral history
District created January 4, 1896
Clarence Emir Allen
Republican January 4, 1896 –
March 3, 1897
54th Elected in 1895 and took seat upon statehood.
William H. King
Democratic March 4, 1897 –
March 3, 1899
55th Elected in 1896.
Re-elected in 1898.
Lost renomination.
Vacant March 4, 1899 –
April 2, 1900
56th Representative-elect Brigham Henry Roberts was denied the seat.
William H. King
Democratic April 2, 1900 –
March 3, 1901
Elected to finish Roberts's term.
Lost re-election.
George Sutherland
Republican March 4, 1901 –
March 3, 1903
57th Elected in 1900.
Retired to run for U.S. Senator.
Joseph Howell
Republican March 4, 1903 –
March 3, 1913
Elected in 1902.
Re-elected in 1904.
Re-elected in 1906.
Re-elected in 1908.
Re-elected in 1910.
Redistricted to the 1st district.
District eliminated March 3, 1913


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