1895 United States House of Representatives election in Utah

The United States House of Representatives election in Utah for the 54th Congress was held on November 5, 1895, in anticipation of statehood, which was achieved on January 4, 1896.

United States House of Representatives election in Utah, 1895

November 5, 1895 1896 →

Utah's single seat to the United States House of Representatives
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Party Republican Democratic Prohibition
Seats won 1 0 0
Popular vote 20,563 19,666 1,150
Percentage 49.7% 47.5% 2.8%


Utah Territory had been represented by a delegate since 1851. Utah Territory was originally significantly larger than the current State, including most of Nevada, and portions of Colorado and Wyoming, which borders it held when the first delegate was elected, and was reduced in size in several stages. The territory had been colonized by Mormons who had sought to join the Union as the State of Deseret.

Due in large part to controversies over the beliefs of the Mormon majority, especially in regards to polygamy, the territory's admission as a State was delayed for a long time, and by the time of its admission, it was one of only four remaining territories in the contiguous United States.

Election resultsEdit

1895 United States House election results[1]
Republican Democratic Prohibition
Clarence E. Allen 20,563 49.7% Brigham H. Roberts[2] 19,666 47.5% J. Hogan 1,150 2.8%

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  2. ^ Later elected in 1898 but expelled due to practicing polygamy