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Collection of German language jewels written on my pagesEdit

I haven't checked who wrote them and why, I quote them as they are, (with two corrections made by an another users).

  1. vieleicht kannst du mir helfen, ein paar polacken aufzumucken
  2. Here is another good one (refers to cars stolen in Germany): Kaum gestohlen, schon in Polen.
  3. So ein ekliger Troll. Und deutsch kannst Du auch nicht.

Jewels of love and logicEdit

  • Some still can't let Wilno go?
  • "Not foreign" language is official language in that country or region.
  • The language spoken by minority can be foreign even though the members of minority are not foreigners of course.


Kriegsbeute Mensch. Wie Regierungen ihre Soldaten verraten, Human spoils. How governments betray their soldiers - German documentary by Dirk Pohlmann, 2006


  • US POWs in Soviet Union - soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force in Russia [1]
  • US POWs in Soviet Union after WWII [2]
  • Forced repatriation of Soviet citizens from Austria and France, see "Victims of Yalta" by Nikolai Tolstoy
  • US POWs in Korean, Vietnamese and Lao captivity and in Soviet jails [3]
  • U.S. Senate Select Committee on POWs/MIAs [4]


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Jacek ProszykEdit

Thank you for the link to Jacek Proszyk's brilliant essay on Dalej jest noc...

I've added his summary, "summa summarum", as a new section, "Methodological difficulties", to the Dalej jest noc article.

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