About meEdit

Based in Brussels. Mothertongue is Dutch. Fluent in English. Less fluent in French. Whatever the total opposite of fluent is, I am that in German. Plays rock 'n' roll (in a band too small to be on Wikipedia) and video games (race and sports sims, adventure and strategy). Works as communication advisor. Thinks about translating some more English articles in Dutch. Thinks even more about when to find time for that.


I work for PEGI S.A., the organisation that manages PEGI, the Pan European Age Rating System. I am aware of and have read Wikipedia's Conflict of Interest article. I will restrict my edits of PEGI-related articles to factual amendments. The organisation itself aims to inform about a system that provides age ratings based on objective criteria, not context - consequently, the aim of my edits should be similarly objective. I will endeavour to supply online references to reliable sources (although PEGI S.A. often is the only source of information) and if those are not available, I am willing to supply additional evidence. Please contact me if you consider any of my edits as COI.

About my nicknameEdit

At university in the '90s, I learned about the rise and fall of 19th century artificial languages like Esperanto, Solresol and... Volapük. And the name just stuck, for no reason.