Concerning your removal of my edit on Pan European Game InformationEdit


You’ve recently reverted my edit on Pan European Game Information with the reasoning that the icons are not official ones and that the font is incorrect. There is a Labelling and Advertising Guidebook from PEGI dated April 2011 which states (p.10) that “the descriptors with text must be used [..] whenever the PEGI content descriptors are being used in a monolingual context (box, website, advertisement, trailer, etc.)”. English Wikipedia seems to be fitting that description of a monolingual context (even though it’s not being the reviewed material itself), so in terms of officially correct\allowed representations I think the annotated icons are not invalid. Please correct my reasoning if it is wrong.

Regarding the incorrect font used for the annotations, could you please specify which font was used in the original icons, so the icons can be corrected? I’ve tried googling it but there didn’t seem to be any official memo about it, and all I managed to find was the abovementioned guideline (which discusses only fonts for the word “PROVISIONAL”). DaemonDice (talk) 12:42, 29 April 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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