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What I do for Wikipedia

  • Assure that all articles I come across adhere to WP:NPOV and are encyclopedic.
  • Correct any spelling or grammar errors that I may find.
  • Patrol changes for cruft, vandalism, ads, and nonsense.
  • Limit users from circumventing policy with multiple accounts.
  • Deal with complaints via WP:OTRS (inactive).
  • Ensure that the software (MediaWiki) has the best possible features.

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Welcome to my User Page!

The Five Voices

In the face of contempt, there must remain Grace,
With Freedom and the Greater Good, there is Duty,
Through logic and compassion there is Reason,
May justice be done only through reason and Truth,
For society to have justice and order, there must be Law.
Let within your heart and mind lie the Voice of All.

The derivation of the name "voice of all" comes both from a)the above ideal, that people need not be 2D interest advocates, but empathetic; and b)my liking of this odd little MTG angel. More so the latter than the former :).

Personal Information

 This user develops
user scripts;
js-3This user is an advanced JavaScript programmer.
xml-2This user is an intermediate XML coder.
php-3This user is an advanced PHP programmer.
SQL-3This user is an advanced SQL programmer.
C++-2This user is an intermediate C++ programmer.
C#-2This user is an intermediate C# programmer.
MATThis user is a MATLAB programmer and user.
mplThis user can program in Maple.
forThis user can program in Fortran.
re-4This user writes expert regular expressions.
ind This user is politically independent.
 This user is male.
  • Real Name: Aaron
  • Location: Ohio, USA
  • Biography: I was born in Ohio. I have lived there all my life. I am currently a university student figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life. My interests are current events, philosophy, psychology, programming, political reform and aircraft. I like to play card games (MTG, Euchre, some Poker), board games like Go, and PC games like C&C. Wikipedia is a good thing to put time and thought into whenever I have some extra time. I also use it to look things up all the time, all though I realize that it is not generally citable (though if I was doing a college paper, nor would Britannica). I became an administrator on October of 2005. Feel free to ask me for help if you need any assistance.
  • Academics: BS in Computer Science from the The Ohio State University.
  • Party Affiliation: none, until a decent third party emerges ;).
  • Politics: Fairly moderate (socially liberal, economically moderate). I strongly dislike reactionaries, band-wagoning liberals and right-wing zealots. Not really a fan of ideology other than science and rationality if you count those.
  • Religion: None; Weak atheism
  • Philosophy: Empathy through rationality; Preference Utilitarianism, Posthumanism, Positivism ("Scientism"), Existentialism. A bit Cynical of Idiocratic status quo. I'm strongly opposed to pseudoscience, sophistry/rhetoric, and arbitrary virtue ethics/sound byte thinking.
  • Sports: Philadelphia Eagles fan :)



Political compass

Economic Left/Right: -2.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.72

Raul's laws | Tips for new users

On votes and consensus

Some of my thoughts on determining consensus.

New RfA/RfB proposal | What makes a good RfB

Here is one way what I think RfA could be ran in the future (though a good alternative is mentioned too). Getting such a process through may be quite difficult though, and I am not sure if that is the best way. Also, I've made a list of RfB requirements.

On sexual images in articles

Just some old thoughts.

Useful JavaScript/CSS

I mantain a pool of JavaScript that anyone is welcomed to use. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Flagged revisions

Stable versions! :)

Aaron Schulz, Software Engineer