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Hi There!Edit

Hi, welcome to my user page--thanks for stopping by!

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to leave any messages or comments you have on my talk page!

Though I've had an account here for over two years, my contributions to Wikipedia are rather limited. Mostly I do my best to find and revert vandalism, monitor newly created articles to make sure they meet Wikipedia standards, and try to tidy up articles where I can, particularly in the unstubby (< -- not a word )stubs and Anime wikiprojects.

Defenders of Wikipedia!Edit

I enthusiastically support the actions of the Counter Vandalism Unit and their tireless work to keep Wikipedia safe and clean! So far my user and talk pages have been vandalized 15 times (i updated it for you buddy) as a result of my counter-vandalism work; though it's frustrating to be the target for such vandalism, I suppose it comes with the territory. It's a small price to pay to keep Wikipedia clean and vandalism-free. ^_^

Counter Vandalism Unit-en.png This user is a member of the
Counter-Vandalism Unit.

Vandal Fighter's ToolboxEdit

For those of you who are, like me, an aspiring vandal fighter, I am working to collection of links to resources and references for vandal fighting, Articles for Deletion, etc. This is something I've just added, and the list so far is woefully incomplete, so if know of any useful links that I've missed, feel free to edit this section and add them!

Also, if you use the "godmode-light" script to revert vandalism and have had trouble with it recently, a fix is available at [1] that can be used to correct the error. Thanks to Sam Korn for pointing it out! ^_^

Viridian's Vandal Fighter's Toolbox
Counter Vandalism Unit Articles for Deletion
AfD in 3 easy Steps Report Vandals to the Admins
Table of Vandal Warnings Wikipedia Deletion Policy

Unstubby Stubs Wiki Fixup ProjectEdit

I am a part of the Unstubby Stubs Wiki Fixup Project, the goal of which is to find articles that have graduated from stubhood and make sure that they no longer contain {{stub}} tags. Any and all are welcome to help!

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