I no longer use this account, and Wikipedia refuse to re-name it, so I can now be found at User:Syniq.

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My name is Ben, I'm gay, and I'm a geek. :) I play the Piano, Flute, Highland pipes, Clarinet, Oboe and Shakuhachi, and I habitually compose music whenever I'm bored. I am a programmer by trade, but hope to break into the music industry in the near future.

I am often found in #wikipedia and #cvn-wp-en on irc.freenode.net chatting away, and smacking vandals with a clue stick. I fix other people's dodgy Open Source Software in my spare time. ;)

Ik ben het Nederlands leren. :)

CoBo and Copyright ViolationsEdit

I am currently working on a bot to detect copyright violations and replace them with the copyvio template. Information on the bot can be found on its user page, User:Cobo.

Articles I startedEdit

Funny things I've found on and about WikipediaEdit

From Homosexuality (talk):

  • Have we no article on the island called Lesbos? [[User:Kim_%E9%E2%80%A1%E2%80%98|金 (Kim)]]

From the Wikipedia IRC channel:

<bogdanz> Lesbian literature is the literature written in Lesbian language.
<bogdanz> "Lesbian language is an ancient Greek dialect that belongs to the Aeolic group of the Central Greek languages spoken in the island of Lesbos and other nearby islands."
<bogdanz> Lesbian Greek

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External LinksEdit

  • Treadwells Bookshop - Go there, buy things!
  • My music portfolio site - A few examples of the sort of music I write. I'm updating this at the moment.
  • The Furies - A folk choir I run in Covent Garden. We're always looking for new people, and you don't need to have singing experience to join, so come along if you're in the area and interested. :)