User:Vchimpanzee/How to edit constructively

Welcome to Wikipedia. My reversions of your edits are not personal and have nothing to do with concealment of fact. Wikipedia has policies, procedures, and customs. If you attempt to follow these, you are welcome to make changes to this page which established users will not revert (and will even defend against vandals and anonymous users). Some pointers:

·Create an actual user name, so that your edits are not anonymous (to the extent to which anything is "not anonymous" on the internet). I should point out that even if you are an insider with a verified identity, your opinions and edits will not automatically be treated as gospel. Even the founder of Wikipedia cannot make unsourced changes to the Wikipedia biography of him.

·Read the actual coding in the text of the page (i.e. click the "edit" tab at the top of the page, don't just edit from the main page). In some cases, there is invisible language, found in the coding, which will give you information about the edits you are trying to make.

·Skim the prior discussions in the article's Talk page and read carefully any discussions pertaining to the edits you are trying to make. In some cases there is established consensus about a particular detail. You can change that consensus, but only through open discussion on the article's Talk page.

·Engage in discussion on the article's Talk page and attempt to achieve consensus on your changes before you make them.

·Ensure adequate sourcing for all statements of fact or changes to statements of fact. Saying that the evidence is found in many places does not cover this requirement. You have to cite the specific sources in the text, not in the edit summary, and provide hyperlinks where appropriate.

·Assume good faith on the part of your fellow editors. Accusing us of concealment does not assume good faith.

If you continue to ignore these pointers, I and other regular editors of the page will continue to revert your edits. But if you begin to learn and adhere to them, we are more likely to begin to give your edits the benefit of the doubt.

Again, welcome to Wikipedia. It is always good to have more interested editors.