I've had two accounts before this one: RedBulbBlueBlood9911 (talk · contribs) and RBBB9911 (talk · contribs), both of which have been lost due to reasons I'd rather not write about (The edit timings overlap because both accounts were confiscated by the same people who erased my userpages).

In case you’ve been thanked by me, it is probably to thank you for any of the following reasons:

  • for giving me editing advice
  • because I intead to say "I agree" or anything that implies that I've read a Talk Page reply from you to me.
  • voicing your opinion on a talk page discussion which was in deadlock and which I was a part of

Or it may be merely to say that I’ve seen your reply on a discussion started by me and don’t have anything to say regarding it About my edits: Most of my edits fall under these categories:

  1. Reverting vandalism
  2. Improving articles of topics which interest me (Tech, Indian Politics, Certain TV Shows, Hamilton (the musical))
  3. Updating information and fixing grammar to reflect changes
  4. Modifying sentences to remove political bias

Currently working on:

  1. Proposing and applying the Non-Flagship Smartphone-or-TabletComputer-or-FeaturePhone Standard Article Structure (suspended temporarily)
  2. Proposing and applying the recategorisation of articles about mobile devices (suspended temporarily due to burnout)
  3. Cleaning up Finland (the article)

To Do List:

  1. Fix grammar in the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC list article

Major things done:

Article Creation
Article Month and Year Class
Nokia 1.3 March 2020 Stub
Nokia 5.3 March 2020 Stub
Nokia 8.3 5G March 2020 Stub
Nokia C2 (2020) March 2020 Stub
Article Improvement
Article Month and Year Previous Class Current Class
Talking Tom and Friends (TV series) March 2020 End to April 2020 Mid Start C
Talking Tom and Friends April 2020 Mid to April 2020 End Start C
Outfit7 April 2020 End Start C
Nyuntam Aay Yojana May 2020 Bgn Stub Start
Article Maintenance
Article Time Period Notes
Citizenship Amendment Act protests mid Jan 2020 - beginning of March 2020 Maintained the chronology section
Nokia Android Smartphone articles (total 29) beginning of March 2020 - June 2020 Maintenance, and vandalism and disruptive editing prevention
Articles related to Outfit7 and the Talking Tom and Friends franchise (total 5) end of March 2020 - present Maintenance, and vandalism and disruptive editing prevention

Areas of Interest:

  1. Civilian Aviation (Airlines and Manufacturers)
  2. Consumer Technology
  3. Indian Politics
  4. Hamilton (musical)

Negative Traits

  1. I often forget to check for formatting blunders which I’ve made (which is why I believe my actual contribution count should be lower)
  2. I often start to lose interest in a project after a few days
  3. I edit my userpage too often (see? I edited it just now!)

Major Past Blunders

  1. Moving Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 from 2020 Karachi Airbus A-320 crash to 2020 Karachi Airbus A320 crash because 2020 Karachi Airbus A-320 crash was technically incorrect. This caused a double redirect on the main page which, thankfully, was fixed in less than an hour.


  1. User:RBBB9911/Non-Flagship Smartphone-or-TabletComputer-or-FeaturePhone Standard Article Structure
  2. User:RBBB9911/What is a decent, trustworty source?