I'm tgies.

I'm interested in thingsEdit

I read everything I can get my hands on, and have at least briefly entertained a deep interest in Just About Everything Ever.

I use the Internet. I'm obsessed with linguistics/language (I'm a hopeless linguaphile).

I like sound. I write/produce/otherwise make music, both as a member of BOX TEAM and solo. I am a Casiotone aficionado, for reasons far too stupid to explain. I can't think of anything else to write here right now oh hell

I have strong opinions about a wide range of important mattersEdit

I think the perfect fourth is a pretty good interval and could beat up the perfect fifth any day.

I do not think there should be "bedtimes".

>_< This person dislikes anime.

I use the InternetEdit I guess :(? In addition,, but I already mentioned that.

Contact meEdit

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i use computers :/
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i do things I guess :(?
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i like sound
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i write characters
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