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Britain and IrelandEdit

Administrators need to be able to act in trust. A part of that is that people need to be able to trust their actions. Since I began to regularly contribute to Wikipedia, I have been involved in a many controversial issues relating to Britain and Ireland. Consequently, I cannot be seen to be neutral in those areas and so will not ordinarily use admin privileges to resolve issues in those areas.

I am happy to reply to requests on issues to do with these areas. However, in most cases I will direct requests for administrative actions to other forums or to uninvolved admins.


At present there is no consensus as to how the community can revoke admin privileges once they have been granted to a user. Ordinarily, admin privileges can only be removed by Jimmy Wales, by stewards or by a ruling of the Arbitration Committee. Until there is consensus as to how to the community can revoke these rights, I will to voluntarily request that my access to administrative tools be removed if the community has plainly lost trust in my ability to use them.

If you are unhappy with my use of the tools, please follow the usual dispute resolution mechanism. In particular, first try and work it out with me directly. Please remember that I am not perfect (and that I know this). However, if an uninvolved and well-respected editor — not necessarily an administrator — closes an RfC/U on my conduct with the summary that the community had lost faith in my ability to use the tools, I will resign the admin privilages.