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These administrators state they are willing to stand for "re-confirmation" of adminship if a sufficient number of editors in good standing request it. The number of editors, their standing in this project, the good faith of the request, etc. are entirely up to the user's discretion, as participation in this category is completely voluntary. For example, an admin could choose to be accountable to six editors with over 500 mainspace edits and over one month of tenure; yet another could require Jimbo Wales; however, some admins have imposed other restrictions (or none at all). Administrators can add themselves to Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall to show their intent.

The desire is to keep this as simple as possible. The venue for "re-confirmation" shall be an open question, to be decided by the entrant. Participating admins are encouraged to outline their understanding of this commitment and the procedure they intend to follow in more detail on their user pages. For convenience, a sample process is available.

This process is entirely voluntary and non-binding. That is, at any time, administrators can change their recall criteria, decline participation in the process, or disregard the outcome of recall proceedings, despite previously being open to recall.

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