Svartalf is a self-styled scholar with wide knowledge of many subjects, though often broader than deep, which he regularly tries to improve. While Svartalf is obviously a pen name, it is one he has used consistently by preference to his birthname during the years he has been dealing with online communities. He lives and works in France.

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His favorite hobbies include :

  • reading
  • Role playing games
  • eating and drinking well, alone or in company
  • and surfing the net.

Some of his pet subjects include

  • Fantasy literature
  • Horror literature
  • the works of authors Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard
  • Science fiction
  • Languages, particularly Gaelic, Old Norse, and Japanese.
  • History (particularly ancient history and middle ages history)
  • Mythology (especially Greek and Roman mythology ; Celtic mythology ,Norse mythology, Finnish mythology, Mesopotamian mythology, I'm not yet the expert I'd like to be on Persian mythology, to which can be added Aztec mythology, Incan mythology and Japanese mythology
  • The history culture and lanGuages of celts, particularly Gaels, but I've had good exposure to the culture of Brittany
  • Norse culture and mythology, From the beginnings to the late 14th century, when the original culture became diluted in christianity, and Icelandic culture dwindled as the island came under Dane domination and became a backwater.
  • Precolombian history of Middle and South America.
  • Traditional and Folk music of Western Europe, particularly Irish, scottish, and that from my Ancestral Brittany and some less Celtic French stuff. I also enjoy traditional music from Scandinavia, Finnland, and south America, including even some bluegrass
  • Oh, yeah, I forgot... I'm rather interested in the Occult, probably as as form of mythology, since I've never found any proof that any of the books, traditions, groups and individuals purporting to possess para natural powers or to have truck with supernatural beings (demons, angels and whatnot) and/or, to be able to empower interested/deserving parties with those and/or power over the same ever had any truth to their assertions.

and I like Wikipedia:Unusual articles

Articles startedEdit

Crom (fictional deity), Höfuðlausn, Hypocras, Jean Markale, Louis Mandrin, Oró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile, Skofnung, The Black Stone, The Shadow of the Vulture, The Sowers of the Thunder, The Twilight of the Grey Gods,

Contribution self regarded as majorEdit

Derketo (Conan) Foggy Dew, Laufey, (it's so short anything is major, and I thing the kenning aspect of the name very significant) Matrilineality, Peter Plogojowitz, Prostitution in Sweden, (another short one where every little bit counts a lot) Ringmail (though I liked it a lot better before it was reduced to a stub), Stater, The Phoenix on the Sword,

That will be all for the time, I'll complete this as inspiration comes. Current project include a French translation of the Nephilim (bible) page User:Svartalf/nephilim : see on french space [1]

My meta wiki user account [2]