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En-us-Deoxyribonucleic_acid.ogg ‎(Ogg Vorbis sound file, length 3.1 s, 125 kbps)

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See below.

Task Force AlphaEdit

I may soon create a task force for WikiProject History, but it does not exist yet, so do NOT call it a real task force yet. It will be called Task Force Alpha, and aims to recreate a stage I like to call Wikipedia Alpha, or 2001 Wikipedia. I have an 8-paged book (not published and called the ‘Wikipedia Alpha Book of Task Force Alpha), with copied and pasted text from edit histories of old articles with early saved edits such as the edit on UuU, found here.

             The above image is the sample example experimental test image on Wikipedia.

Cool TrickEdit

If you edit an audio file’s page, (for example, the page called File:Minecraft.ogg,) it will most likely say ‘Please Upload A Photo To Enable Editing.’ There is also no edit history (unless I’m in it).

1. When this happens, simply right-click (or hold down on mobile) on the edit button.

2. In the menu, there should be an option to open in new tab.

3. In the new tab, simply reload the page, scroll down, and, below the blank edit box, press publish changes. This will take you back to the top.

4. Just scroll down and press publish changes once again. Now you are back in the original page.

5. Close out the new tab and in the old tab you must simply reload the page.

6. Now you can edit the audio file’s page!

(This will not work for all 56,138,546 pages on Wikipedia; it will only work on audio file pages.)

If this page is a tree, then these are the branchesEdit

My Sandbox

My First Subpage: A Short Story

All Of My Userboxes

An Article About The Future ‘Task Force Alpha’

A Cool Trick

A Sandbox Page