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Jojosexual is a meme Instagram account centered around the anime show Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. This account is controlled by a girl who's first name has been revealed as Amelia. As of writing this the account currently has over 30,000 followers and seems to gain more each day. She has also posted over 2400 videos and photos on her Instagram Amelia aka Jojosexual marks these landmarks by providing a stream for every thousand followers she gets. Currently, she is doing these streams on YouNow under the same username. Usually, she wears a black Japanese style dust mask but occasionally she will do a stream without it. She claims she wears the mask due to creepy messages in her direct messages. The idea for the account was suggested by Amelia's boyfriend, Benny. She met him during her freshman year of high school and he would later go on to make the Instagram account Mr.Jojosexual. Amelia also says her current goal with her account is to "Gain a great fan base to possibly grow as a YouTube channel with MrJojosexual."

Amelia Amelia is a 17-year-old female who lives in Virginia inside the United States. She has brown hair and eyes, and her favorite movie is Megamind while being an avid reader and viewer of the anime and manga Jojo's Bizarre adventure. Her hobbies include Art, music, and playing her instruments and video games.

Other Notable Things Jojosexual would like me to add that Mr.Jojosexual is a mom and that their anniversary date is July 9th.

 Cold Environments

They are cold.