Ruben Schade
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BornSydney, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
Family and friends
GirlfriendClara Tse
Education and employment
High schoolAustralian International School Singapore
UniversityUniversity of Technology, Sydney
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Ruben Schade is a technical writer and cloud infrastructure engineer from Sydney, Australia and Singapore. He contributes to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects for fun; it scratches his itch for organising, fixing, travelling, jazz, and other important worldly pursuits.

As much as possible is done from coffee shops, his favourite places.

He was known as User:Rubenerd from December 2004 to leap day 2012, before deciding to edit under his real name.

Current focusEdit

I'm equal parts WikiGnome and page creator. These are my current projects:

WikiProject Jazz 
Filling out discographies for artists, uploading cover art, categorising, creating navboxes, fixing deprecated or incorrect template parameters, adding semantic markup, fixing redirects, finding sources. I also stray into blues from time to time, America's other original art form! ♡
WikiProject Trains 
Creating missing station and train line articles that exist in other language Wikipedias, or are just flat-out missing. Also cross-importing free media to the Commons so they can be used elsewhere.
Association of Structurist Wikipedians 
Well-structured articles with clean, correct template syntax and semantic markup are easily parsed by both computers and humans. They're navigable, accessible, intelligable, editable, and translatable (see the introduction). All my editing, fixing, and page creating is informed by this ethos. There's also an inclusionist-bent; articles are better served with fixes and encouragement than deletions more often than not.

A bit of calmEdit

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