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Most involve subjects relating to nature or places in Germany.

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Article creation (AfC) process

I would like the AfC process to provide a preliminary assessment and then allow the creator to comment on that assessment. This is how academic peer review normally operates. The opportunity to comment should lead to better and fairer review decisions and would also provide the creator with more insight in the case of rejection.

I would like to see all new articles (with the exception of disaggregation and redirection pages) go through an AfC process.


WikiCite is a proposal to build a bibliographic database in Wikidata to serve all Wikimedia projects. I think this project is hugely important and should be prioritized by the Wikimedia Foundation. Their recent activity is available here. Each bibliographic entry should have its own talk page to enable evaluation by the community.

Advice on uploading image files

The page contains some advice on uploading image files to illustrate Wikipedia articles.

Correct me when I'm wrong

Please leave a note on my talk page if you feel that any of my edits are wrong, misguided, or contrary to accepted practice. I will endeavor to respond.

Wikipedia citation format (WCF) bibliographic database projectEdit

UML class diagram for proposed WCF database project (3 January 2017)

I am currently (early-2017) exploring the idea of a python project to develop a modest Wikipedia citation format (WCF) native bibliographic database application. More precisely, the project will support a subset of the Citation Style 1 (CS1) template system. Preliminary discussions are taking place at the Wikipedia village pump/technical forum. Leave feedback on my talk page if you have any suggestions or comments.